How WordPress Theme Customization Can Be Done Step By Step Effectively?

Wordpress Theme Customization

Wordpress theme customization feature gives you the privilege to change and modify several themes unlimited times through your website’s admin panel. Several times during development, we come up with a need of editing and customizing the themes according to our preferences. There are different techniques to customize a WordPress theme. Today, in this article 2 we will see the step by step procedures of 2 methods for customizing a WordPress theme effectively.



STEP # 1: Accessing WordPress Customization page

  • For WordPress theme Customization,

wordpress theme customization


Firstly go to Appearances tab then to the Themes page as shown in the picture below.

After this, a page will open having several themes. Choose anyone theme of your choice. For example, you chose theme Twenty Fourteen, so just click on the Customize button placed next to it.

wordpress customization

After clicking the customize button, next screen would be a page which leads to further modification of the Wordpress theme just as according to your preference. Once the page is open, just go through the left pane of the page, where there will e several available options and an option of the live preview will be on the right side of the website’s page so you can see the random changes you do with real time feature.


STEP # 2: Customizing the Title and Tagline of the Wordpress Website page

Firstly, see the website’s page title and tagline, if it needs any changes or not. WordPress theme customization allows you to modify both of them. For this purpose open the left pane and expand the,

  • Site title and Tagline settings

After this edit the text as per you want. As soon as you do the changes, it would appear in the right-hand side preview pane. If you get satisfied with your desired changes and shown results on right-hand side, just click on the,

  • Save & Publish tab.

save and published

It has numerous available options to edit the Title and Tagline of your main page of WordPress website.

STEP # 3: Customizing the Front page of Wordpress Website

WordPress gives you several options to do enhancements and customizations. Once you complete your custom designed Wordpress theme page which fits your needs then you can make all the other web pages on the with the same technique on the similar pattern. You would have to repeat the similar process copy-pastes the codes. For customization of front/other pages, it gives 2 options for customizations.

  • Static means to extract the latest blogs from the content itself.
  • Another is to modify the configuration of the theme customization page. It will come through the Static web page tab and would show all of the available options for the theme customization.

Customizing the Front page of Wordpress Website

In Wordpress theme websites, it is by default that it shows the latest posts or news on the very first page normally known as ‘homepage’ of the website. If you want, you can convert it into a static page as far as the functionality is concerned. Then again you would have 2 more options in it.

  • Selecting any other page to be displayed as website’s front page.
  • Selecting a page where your blog posts would be shown.

blog post


Whether you go for any of the options mentioned above, first you would have to select the number of pages from the published pages list. If the list seems to be empty then you don’t have created any page for your WordPress website.

STEP # 4: Additional Customization options for your Wordpress Website

It totally depends upon which theme you are using or it requires any sort of additional changes according to your needs or not. For example, along with changing the title and tagline; you could have also changed the background images, background color, and layout of the page as well. All of these modifications are possible. As soon as it satisfies you, just hit the,

  • Save & Publish tab.

Additional Customization options for your Wordpress Website



This method is relevant to coding. So, if you are good at it then it won’t require this Custom template changing. You would have to follow the following steps.

  •  Create a file named as ‘home_page.php’.
  • Use any of the WordPress modifications and customizations in it.
  • This will copy the features of index.php and will be displayed as your homepage because of the Wordpress theme customization feature.


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