How Visitor Management Software is Used for Different Purposes?

visitor management software

A capable visitor management system is essential for companies that attract a steady flow of visitors, guests, couriers, contractors, clients, and other people. The software can help to make work easier and more efficient for your firm’s front desk and security staff. In addition, you can maintain proper records and data for compliance and auditing purposes. In this article, we detail the different purposes for which a visitor management software solution is used and why. 

Uses of a Meeting Management System

This tool is utilized for a speedy visitor and guest sign-in and sign-out. It acts as a digital register that can make your firm’s visitor management process faster and more secure. 

Your security staff can track the movements of visitors on your premises and ensure they don’t enter unauthorized areas. 

A lobby management system enables you to record and securely store details of all guests and visitors, so you can go back later and trace them if needed. 

You can send invites to guests about important events or conferences in your company and request their attendance. 

Purposes of a Visitor Management System 

Office Purposes

Your company can invest in a cloud-based visitor management software solution as it offers multiple benefits. Installation and setup are simple and the platform can digitally store your records for easy access from anywhere, anytime. Your front desk can improve their efficiency and handle numerous visitors simultaneously. This also reduces waiting time for guests and enables them to quickly meet their host. Thus, a modern meeting management system can help your firm generate a favorable impression on your visitors and guests. 

University and School Purposes 

It is vital for schools and universities to protect the safety of their students and staff. They can install a lobby management system to allow selective access to authorized visitors. In the US, campus shooting incidents have become common and therefore educational institutions need to bolster their security by leveraging an advanced visitor management system that can keep out unwanted individuals. 

Unconventional Uses of Visitor Management Software 

Apart from checking in vendors and clients, your organization can also creatively leverage the platform for the following purposes:

Registration of Job Candidates 

Your company needs to create a good impression on job candidates who visit your premises to submit their resume or for an interview. An efficient meeting management system can make the applicants feel that your firm has a professional outlook and cares for the time of their employees as well as visitors and guests. Allow job candidates to check in using an iPad to save time and make the process more efficient. 

Your front desk staff can check in interviewees swiftly using a lobby management system which will also send a notification to the recruiting manager about the applicant’s arrival. Job candidates can also easily sign needed documentation like NDAs and proceed to the interview room. The software will save the signed forms securely for future access and reference. In addition, new hires can also be ushered in quickly on their first day and directed to the HR unit to complete formalities so they can start their tenure at your company in a positive manner. 

Improve Security

A thriving business can attract the jealousy of competitor companies that may look to sabotage their success. Your rivals could send spies who may wish to enter your premises to get details about proprietary systems and processes. Another unwanted type of visitor is pushy vendors looking to hawk their product or service to your employees. In addition, fired employees may become disgruntled and may look to harm your organization. 

Thus, danger can come in any form and your security staff needs to be alert all the time to prevent damage. With a modern visitor management system, you can stop unwanted parties before they can get past the main entrance or lobby area. 

If your staff is expecting a visitor or guest, they can inform them in advance so that they get immediate authorization on arrival. In addition, the visitor management software can be set up to notify security if unwanted people like terminated employees try to enter your building premises with harmful intent. Security personnel can immediately stop them at the entrance and turn them back. In this way, the platform can help to save time while keeping your employees and property secure. 

Contractor Management

In today’s gig economy, your company may expect to play host to a steady stream of consultants and independent contractors. These parties need to be validated, given a suitable space to work, and directed to it efficiently. Further, if your firm needs the services of multiple contractors, then it’s best that they do not become aware of which of their competitors are bidding for the same job. This is not possible if you use a paper sheet for sign in. 

The solution is to utilize a meeting management system that keeps each visitor’s data private and secure, so potential contractors don’t get information about their visiting competitors. 

Another advantage is multiple employees can meet the same contractor if needed by viewing the digital guest records to learn when they arrived and where they are currently working. Plus, your staff can also easily learn if a contractor does not show up or has completed their work and left the premises. In this way, you can maximize the potential of your lobby management system by using it for multiple unconventional and creative purposes. 

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