How to use Bluetooth Earbuds with Skype?


In the era of today when technology has been the best friend to people, Bluetooth wireless earbuds are the best and most comfortable option to use in daily life. You might get attracted to the one which your favorite celebrity endorses but before you buy any pair it is very important to know the technical aspects so that you can choose the right one according to your need. 

They are amazing as you can easily do multitasking while using them. Connecting it to mobile, PC, laptop, Skype you can do it for any purpose.

First of all, what is Bluetooth?

A Bluetooth is a device which works by making use of radio waves instead of wires or cables to fix with your cell phone, smartphone or computer. 

Bluetooth is basically a wireless sis convenient short-range communications technology standard which is available in millions of products which we use every day. The product list includes headsets, smartphones, laptops, and portable speakers.

From being safe on the road plus walking in the malls, you can use Bluetooth headsets and carry on with your other task. It is a small device which looks good plus it is convenient to use. It is a device which provides two-way connections to people.

Nowadays the use of Skype is there. Installing Skype on your computer helps you to have simple office communication between coworkers. Skype is the best thing when it comes to a cost-effective alternative to the normal telephones which we use for conferencing and long distance calls.

So in order to use a Bluetooth headset with Skype make sure your company computers must have Bluetooth connectivity. If it doesn’t then use a third-party Bluetooth dongle are commonly available and it is not that expensive. It will be just for a few dollars.

Pair Headset with Computer

1. First of all switch on your wireless Bluetooth earbuds and make it discoverable. On some headsets, this procedure comprises of a pressing and holding the headset’s power button till the time LED light starts to flash. You can have a look at the headset’s documentation for instructions on how to make it discoverable.

2. Next is press on the “Start” button on your computer and write “Bluetooth” in the Search box.

3. Now press the “Add a Bluetooth device.”

4. Now in the list of available devices click on the option which shows your Bluetooth device name and then put in the Add a Device dialogue and click “Next” to begin the automated pairing process.

The computer may need to download drivers for your headset depending on the make and model of your headset. There are specific headsets which require you to enter a pairing passcode when pairing. So for that, have a look at your best Bluetooth earbud’s documentation to get your passcode.

Enable Headset in Skype

1. Now launch Skype and sign in.

2. Click “Tools” and then the “Options.”

3. Click the “Microphone, Speakers and Ringing” drop-down menu and select the name of your Bluetooth headset to allow it for further using for it in Skype.

This will be the whole procedure for connecting Skype with Bluetooth headphones. It will help you stay connected with other employees in the office on an easy note plus you can have a happy chit-chat with your friends who are in other towns or countries.

Thus Skype is like a blessing which helps you to stay in touch with people who are not with you. You can see them, feel them and actually live the moments with them by being on a video call.

So Skype is a friend which helps you be with your loved ones and serves as the best support system. And to make it better Bluetooth Headphones are an angel which is a perfect source to enjoy easy and comfortable taking.

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