How Is an Upright Monument Beneficial?

Upright monument

If you select upright monuments for honoring your loved one, there are certain benefits. As compared to other types of monuments, upright monuments prove to be better in some aspects. This article discusses some of these advantages that might make this difficult decision easier for you.

Upright monuments are conventional

Following the conventional style for the headstone of your loved one’s grave is always the best and safest option. If you go for a unique headstone, it might not suit the personality or might not befit memories of your loved one in the best manner. If you are indecisive at that sad moment, and can’t decide which one you should choose, then upright monuments are the best choice.

Following a conventional thing doesn’t leave a chance of looking awkward. When it comes to selecting a memorial, you need to be careful as it’s a decision that is mostly irreversible. The monument you choose will stay there for eternity. Giving it a careful thought is a key to reach the best possible decision while selecting any monument for your loved one. 

Upright monuments are visible from a distance

If we compare the upright monuments with the other types from the perspective of visibility, there is a definite advantage. Because of their upright position, people coming into the cemetery for the first time can quickly locate your loved one’s grave. In this manner, these monuments offer ease to the people. You don’t have to come closer to the grave and recognize it. It provides benefits, especially to the old visitors who can barely walk to reach out to the graves of their loved ones.     

Can withstand weather conditions better

In the case of upright monuments, sunlight, rain, snow, or any other weather element doesn’t fall directly on the surface. Everything touches or hits the monument at an angle. It makes most of the snow, rainwater, and other elements slip away on its own. The debris, snow, and other elements will accumulate on an upright monument in lesser quantities or volumes. The extreme weather conditions can damage the surface of the monuments if the elements stay on the monuments for a more extended time.

Will Retain its original look for longer

An upright monument is more likely to stay in a newer condition for a longer period of time. The reason is mentioned in the above. The weather conditions and other natural elements are not able to damage an upright monument to a severe extent. If there is debris, dust, or any other thing on the monument, rain falling at the right angle will wipe all of it away automatically. You would love to see the monument in the same new look for years, as you would love to keep the memories of your loved one fresh in your hearts. An upright monument allows you to keep the memory for your loved one fresh not only in your hearts but also in the cemetery so that others also know about how much you loved the deceased. 

Upright monuments are cost-effective

The upright monument may not require very frequent maintenance, monument cleaning, or restoration. Most of the cleaning of the upright monument is done through rain and other natural elements like the wind. This is the reason why its surface doesn’t deteriorate more frequently. This maintenance and restoration cost is saved in the case of upright monuments. It proves them to be cost-effective over a period of time. 

Upright monuments offer you advantages over other types of grave markers and headstones. This is the reason why this type of monument is mostly used and it has become a convention to select them.

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