How Stress Can Cause Skin Problems

Stress Causes Skin Problems

It’s commonly known that our body reacts to stress in various ways. Some people start feeling different kinds of aches, while others feel irritated and anxious most of the time. However, what most people overlook is the fact that stress can “attack” the largest organ of our body- the skin.

Did you know that stress can cause major skin problems that might even require treatment? Yes, stress is bad, but visible skin conditions are worse. So, what kind of skin problems does stress cause?

1. Acne

Do you have acne on your face and body you can't seem to get rid of? Maybe the main cause of your acne isn't the food you eat or the skin products you use, but the greatly-feared stress. How can stress cause acne?

When you’re under a lot of stress, your body produces a hormone called cortisol. That mighty hormone affects the part of your brain- hypothalamus, which then produces CHR. Due to the CHR production, excess oil is produced by glands in your skin, which causes acne. 

Did you know that high levels of stress correlate with the severity of your acne? So, try to use calming products for oily skin and breathing exercises to minimize stress.

2. Rashes

Have you noticed that in the periods when you stress too much you get sick and ill easily? That’s because stress is known to reduce your immune system response and make you prone to various illnesses while you’re vulnerable. What does it have to do with your skin?

The weak immune system leads to the disbalance in bacteria called dysbiosis that is located in your skin and your GIT. When dysbiosis imbalance appears on your skin, it's one of the main causes of redness and rash.

To prevent the itch and pain from the rash, use cold compresses or fresh aloe vera. It will immediately calm your skin and stop the uncomfortable feeling. 

3. Wrinkles

Are you stressed or are those wrinkles on your face caused by aging? Who knows, it could be a combination of those two. Many people strive to maintain the youthful look as long as possible, however, the wrinkles sometimes give them away. Instead of going for a facelift operation, minimize the levels of stress. How can stress cause wrinkles? 

The protein formation in your face changes, and therefore, you lose a lot of its elasticity. The lack of elasticity causes wrinkles around your eyes, forehead, and mouth. Besides that, many people that are stressed frown, which also leads to the formation of wrinkles on your face. 

4. Dark circles around eyes

Let’s face it, stress is one of the main causes why many people spend sleepless nights. Tossing and turning in your sleep, bad dreams and nightmares, exhaustion in the morning can all be caused by daily stress that’s been going on.

The lack of good night's sleep can lead to increased puffiness in the area beneath your eyes and enhanced signs of aging due to the loss of elasticity. If you add uneven pigmentation on top of that, you’ll get extremely dark circles around your eyes that give away how much (little) you’ve slept. 

Try to meditate before sleep to help your body calm down and peacefully sail away in the land of dreams. Your sleep quality will improve, and the dark bags under your eyes will slowly disappear.

5. Dry skin

Nobody likes the unpleasant, yucky, feeling of dry and flaky skin. Constant changes in the weather and temperature, wind, lack of hydration, and stress are the main causes of your dry skin. If the outer layer of your skin isn’t working properly, it creates flakiness and dryness you dislike.

Did you know that dry skin is one of the common signs of dull skin? The damaged outer layer of your skin causes trouble with water retention, which means less hydration and elasticity. To keep your skin healthy and glowing, don't forget to drink enough water and include moisturizing in your skincare routine.

6. Skin inflammation

One of the most common ways stress affects your skin is causing it to flame up and making your existing conditions such as eczema and rosacea much worse. As you probably know, rosacea manifests as redness, red bumps, and flushing on your skin, which all can be caused by increased stress levels. 

Besides these, stress can also worsen the skin hives causing them to flare-up. Sudden changes in your condition and skin problems should immediately be checked out by a professional. These conditions require treatment only expert dermatologists know how to do. So, if you notice any changes on your skin, try looking up a term dermatologist near me and pick the expert who knows how to deal with your conditions.

7. Psoriasis

Unlucky are those who had to deal with psoriasis daily. It’s a vicious cycle and fight between stress-causing psoriasis and psoriasis stressing you out. Sadly, this condition can be manifested anywhere on your skin. Those who tried to battle with it know how hard it is to get rid of those annoying thick patches of skin on your body.

If you tried numerous medications and nothing helps your case, consider trying home-made remedies for psoriasis that will calm your skin inflammation and reduce the stress caused by it.  


These are some of the most common ways stress affects your skin. If you notice anything unusual on your skin, don’t be afraid to contact a professional. The dermatologist will know the cause and how to treat the ongoing condition. If stress is the main cause, try relaxing, breathing exercises, and yoga.

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