How to Spot the Difference Between Real Color and Synthetic Colored Diamonds


Everyone loves diamonds but very few people know much about them. There are hardly any people who are aware of the fact that diamonds are of two types: Real color and Synthetic colored. Although, it is very hard to find any difference in the two categories of diamonds, there are experts who can find the difference.

While many of us are not aware of the fact and therefore fail to pay any attention, experts say that it is very important to find real diamond jewellery online. People usually get tricked with the difference between the real color of the diamonds and the synthetic color. It is in reality very easy to detect a synthetic colored diamond and to spot the difference. Let us get into the details of knowing the difference.

Real color diamond:

These are the diamonds that are made by all the natural ways without any doping with the machines or any artificial ways. These are found in nature and have high quality without any contamination.

Synthetic colored diamonds:

In contrast to the real color diamonds, the synthetic colored diamonds are generated by the artificial means in the laboratory. These are also called as man-made diamonds or lab grown diamonds.

How to differentiate between the two types of diamonds:

Since, both the diamonds are very close in terms of quality, it becomes very hard to differentiate between them but according to jewelry notes, there are some of the ways by which one can easily detect the difference. The following are the ways that one can use:

  1. Clarity: Since the synthetic diamonds are created with the help of machines all the internal flaws that can be seen in the natural diamonds can easily be avoided. During the production process of synthetic diamonds, all the possible imperfections are avoided in the synthetic diamonds. As a result of the same, synthetic diamonds are clearer than the real color diamonds.
  2. Price: Since, the synthetic diamonds are created using artificial ways and not by digging the solid rocks, therefore, the price of synthetic diamonds are less than the real colored diamonds. Though, the difference is not much and so the users cannot differentiate between the two diamonds. Price cannot be considered reliable factor though.
  3. Lab Equipment: It is not possible to spot the difference between the real and synthetic diamonds just by looking at them. Therefore, specialized equipment that is found in gemological laboratories can be used to authenticate the real color diamonds over the synthetic ones.
  4. Grading certificate: Out of many ways of finding a synthetic diamond, using and analyzing the grading certificate is the most reliable.  The grading certificate gives the users an assurance that the diamond that they are buying is real or has been made by artificial means. The grading certificates are basically a report that includes the basic information about the diamonds and the process by which it has been produced.
  5. CUT: Cut refers to the finish and proportions, and how these factors influence the overall appearance of a diamond. When and contrasted light called “brilliance”, the color flashes called “fire”, and “scintillation” or flashes of light that occur when the stone moves, the ratio of weight vs. size, the smoothness and symmetry of polished faces: all these determine how light enters the diamond, in what way it returns to eye, and how the stone sparkle. The Cut grade is expressed on a scale from Best to Bad.

  6. Carat: One of the other and essential property of diamonds is the Carat weight. In terms of diamonds, carat plays an important role. Mainly the Carat denotes the weight of the diamond and more the weight of a diamond, more pure it is and expensive as well.

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