How to Solve Common Winter Roofing Problems

roofing issues

Canada is well-known for its frosty weather and freezing temperatures in winter. Here in some states, the average temperature in January reaches the highest of lows. The majority of the inhabitants and industries prepare themselves for these harsh times in advance. Businesses avail the best commercial roof repair services so that their roofing can last the entire winters with full strength.

No matter which kind of roofing you have, be it steel, asphalt or tiles, you are always going to face some difficulties with it. You might experience new leaks inside your building which could be originating from your attic. The doors of your commercial establishment might seem to be jammed. This may be because of the extra load that your roof has to be bear due to heavy snow.

Now let’s discuss some of the most common winter roofing problems and how you can solve them effectively:


When warm air from the inside meets the outside cold air, it leads to condensation. Improper ventilation and failed insulation are two of the most usual reasons behind this process. The inside heat escaping and hitting the outside cold surface may damage your roof and interior by causing mildew and molds. This process keeps on happening until its too late as it’s not an obvious thing and is hardly noticeable.

Perform regular checks through professional industrial roofing contractors twice a year to avoid moisture creation. You should increase the insulation strength of your roofing by installing a copper or aluminum roof. Don’t forget to work on your ventilation system. Besides, you can also build a dampness barrier from your ceilings so that no outside transfer of heat occurs in the future.

Ice dams

Just like condensation, ice dams are also created in residences and offices due to poor ventilation and insulations system. They are formed when the outer surface of the roof becomes warmer than the lower surface. When it snows, the ice present on these warmer zones gets melted and flows down, gets in contact with the colder boundary of the roof, and freezes again. This process goes on until a pile of ice is created due to a repeated flow of water.

These ice dams can cause serious damage to your building. The constant formation of frozen water can weigh down and impair the gutter fixed just beneath the edge of your roof. They could also come in the way of the ventilation system and increase the problems you are facing with your vents. Last but not least, ice dams negatively impact the water draining mechanism of your building.

There is no complete remedy for the removal of ice dams. The best you can do is to strengthen insulation and improve ventilation. You can call professional commercial roofing contractors like Stahl Roofing for expert assistance or current roof inspection.


Icicles are generally formed in the sub-freezing temperatures when water drips off the edge of the roof and freezes again. First, they are heavy and put extra stress on your roof and gutter. Second, if they fall, one of your family members could get seriously hurt.

To prevent the formation of icicles, keep your roof drainage pipes clear of debris and tree leaves. At the end of the winter season, don’t forget to attend to the maintenance of your gutter system to avoid leakage in spring rains. Icicles are best controlled by keeping eaves clear and removal of excess snow on the top of your roof. However, removing snow should be done by the expert roofing service providers only.

Accumulated Snow

Everybody enjoys the snow at the start. But, sometimes, it becomes a serious pain to bear especially in the case of accumulation of snow on top of your roof. Some of the problems arising from this process are doors not being able to open smoothly or they are getting stuck. You may observe severe cracks in your house walls. Additionally, you may also hear consistent cracking sounds inside your building.

Clearing snow off a residence is easy. But. to remove snow from the roof of your workplace is a relatively harder task to achieve. It’s best left to the professionals who know all the ins and outs of commercial roofing.

Roof problems happen to everybody during winters. Professional roofing companies always provide Sustainable roof systems to the building owners for maximum protection from harsh weather and environmental issues. A quality roof will provide you comfort and protection in winter season.  

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