How Smart Technologies Changed the Delivery System

Delivery System

One of the oldest industries we have today, logistics also feels the effects of technological advancements. Some examples include package delivery by drone, smart tracking, etc. Read on to find out more!

It's the dawn of a new age where commands are given at the touch of a button, and all business transactions are conducted and monitored through a screen. The Internet has only come to change how business is conducted. This is only the beginning, as experts predict what one can say to be unattainable. Imagine a whole ship cruising on its own in the deep oceans! How about that for technological advancements!

The good thing is everyone is getting a piece of the cake, as it has made work more accessible and convenient for everyone. The speedy and detailed delivery processes have cut down on manufacturer's costs and hereby cut down primarily on carbon footprints. This is through reducing unwanted labor and cutting down on specific resources. Simple math dictates the lesser the expenses, the fatter the returns. So, how has package delivery revolutionized over the years due to sweet technology?

Package Delivery by Drone

Package delivery by drone! You've seen it all on your screens; perhaps you caught a glimpse of it from The Avengers as the heroes tried to track some supervillain. Now the same is about to become our everyday reality. You'll be coming from work only to catch a drone going about a small package delivery of your birthday gift from your parents in a different state. Come on, how cooler could it possibly get? Imagine not having to wait 7 hours to receive the iPhone XS you just ordered. The same trend could be seen in companies as they use package delivery robots to help ease the movement.

Tracking & Monitoring Of Shipment

If you think drones and robots are changing package delivery in the business world, think about what the ability to view your shipment means for your business. Whenever there is a failure in shipment delivery, it is essential to understand exactly where the goods met a barrier. This brings about package security during the delivery process. The client and the deliverer can monitor all the points the goods go through to reach the client. With Google's enhanced GPS accuracy, how to track a shipment will soon incorporate a live video should the client choose to.

The process is simplified for both the sender and the receiver. The buyer makes an online purchase which is then enclosed in a secure package box. The package is then assigned a shipment tracking number sent to the buyer. With this number, they can reach out to the delivery company and request to view their transport detail. Some other companies will employ different types of tracking, including apps that work like UBER.

Doorstep Delivery

Online means you don't have to leave your house if you need anything. Online means everything is available at the touch of your hand. This automation of everything has seen an age where your order is brought right to your doorstep. No need to keep rushing to the post office anymore. This will only improve as businesses seek better ways to deliver ordered hauls.

Robots Processing Data

Man is to err is an excuse used on multiple accounts over the centuries. No more should that phrase fall into our daily vocab. Robots have come into the picture as human intelligence that promises to be more reliable than human memory if adequately programmed. Even though the robots are only machines and prone to the mercy of humans, meaning they can be hacked, more and more companies are still seeing the need to employ robot services in small package deliveries. More so, they also come in handy in the warehouses by simplifying the handling of logistics – Amazon has witnessed this after their recent purchase of Kiva Systems for their robots.


Even with the various systems tracking items like tracked airmail that have made monitoring things a reality for clients, much is still to be done as technology improves. The future is seeing possibilities of automated trucks driven from a central point. Remember the adage, "What goes around comes right back around"? Future trends show a continued reliance on the old forms – the train. This China's enormous investments China is making in Africa and other countries to diversify its rail systems. Hence, technology is not only offering new and better methods of doing things; it's also here to improve old forms of package delivery and have them work in this new age.

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