How In-Situ Machining Services Can Solve Construction Site Problems?

in-situ machining services

In-Situ machining refers to a special situation in which a machine or equipment is repaired without needing to remove and shift to the maintenance facility. For example, if you are having a big shaft in an engine, there is no need to rotate it or strip it down from its base. There is no need for arranging a secure transport service for a part of your machine to a specific workshop which could be hundreds of miles away from your plant. The experts from a trusted machine shop will come to your facility with complete onsite machining solution.

In-Situ Repairing Process

The machine repairing in the In-Situ machining are those that are conducted in a real-time situation. The experts involved in this kind of facility are given all the required tools and equipment to perform the repairing process of the engine in practical settings. These kinds of facilities are well-known for being fast, effective and economical. The best In-Situ machining company will take care of all your device restoration needs at your plant or factory.

If you own a plant where you have to run operations round the clock to meet your deadlines, there might come a time when you would need the services of In-Situ machining specialists. They will reach at your facility on time with the portable tools. Then, they will conduct a thorough analysis of your faulty machine, find the best solutions, recommend them before applying to your engine.

If you give a go-ahead on this, they will start with making an execution plan first, followed by the allocation and maintenance of resources (both human and tools). They will assure the quality of their service, perform testing after repairing your engine and give after-sale services.

In-Situ or portable machining service solutions can solve many of your construction and mining site problems. Talking about these locations, the excavation machine is exposed to various demands and conditions. During this process, the joints of backhoe buckets and front loaders are constantly facing wear and tear issues. Some internal bores become oval-shaped, oversized and eventually wear out.

The In-Situ services can resolve all such dilemmas. You might want to replace the affected component of the equipment, but in most cases that is not necessary. It can be easily refurbished by utilizing a correct line boring machine. These engines can be set-up in a way to make sure there is perfect alignment between the parts. For example, two hinge pins could be aligned through line boring operation by welding them together.

Ball Mills:

Ball Mills are used in the mining industries for crushing and grinding cement into little pieces. It consists of a hollow cylindrical component which rotates at its axis. The axis itself must be horizontal or at an angle near horizontal. It’s partly filled with rubber, steel or ceramic balls which help in the grinding process. Whenever a Ball Mill experiences a running problem, there is no need to remove the trunnions as the In-Situ will help in re-machining the journal diameters of the Ball Mill by fitting the new bearing liners.

In Situ Service for Oil Rigs, Plant Equipment repair:

Often on oil rigs, crane assemblies encounter malfunction in its large bearings that are used for rotating the arms of the crane. These surfaces require to be perfectly in-line to enable the crane to function effectively. The In-Situ services will reach the oil rig location and make necessary mends to eliminate the root cause of that breakdown using orbital milling machines. The In-Situ solutions can also take care of your rotary kiln roller issues, dragline plant equipment repairs, construction vehicle spot-fixing, and shaft keyway repairs.


In a nutshell, the In-Situ or Onsite machining services are a comprehensive set of solutions that are applied to resolve many of your factory or construction site related machining or engine repair problems in a timely and effective manner. 

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