How to Rock Gold and Silver Jewelry Together (without looking a hot mess)

How to Rock Gold and Silver Jewelry Together (without looking a hot mess)
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There is a famous saying - ‘The real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.’ Carrying forward with it, can we say that even gold and silver can be combined together to create an all-new jewelry trend? Let us find out!


Here’s an interesting tale. Once upon a time, the oldest fashion stylist was asked to design the most beautiful jewelry wear for the princess of that kingdom. Since the stylist was the oldest one, he didn’t know any rules and he didn’t have any canvas of trends to look back as a reference in history. So, what he did was, he created his own trend. Just picture it.


Similar to these old age stylists, there was no holy styling guide which stated that mixing different metals is a bad idea. They just created what gave a treat to the eyes and offered comfort to the skin. However, there is a general notion among women that combining different metals can cause an overwhelming style, especially the combination of silver and gold. Even though many of these have both gold and silver in their jewel wardrobe, they can’t think about wearing both the metals on one occasion.

Usually, gold is reserved for heavier occasions such as close weddings and silver for lighter and formal events. But both silver and gold at the same time, the theme doesn’t just appeal among most people.

No one knows where this belief came from. And it doesn’t matter, either. What matters is that these days there are women who are bold enough to challenge this idea and set their own style trend. For all these bold and gorgeous women, if you’ve been thinking of wearing gold and silver jewelry together, here are some ideas to get you inspired. Check them out and use them to create your own!


The Easiest Way to Marry The Metal Families

If you’re a newbie in mixing the metals in your jewelry wear, perhaps the easiest way to begin is to try a multi-metal piece. A multi or a mixed metal piece is the one which consists of two or more metal tones blended into one piece. That is, instead of ‘just gold’ or ‘just silver’, it will be the combination of the two metals.

You will find many such jewel pieces in the market. For instance, there is an emerging trend of gold-plated sterling silver jewelry. Maybe, a surefire way to experiment with the metallic mix. Once you get a feel of it, you can start combining separate gold and silver pieces together.


Use a Color For Bridging The Tones

If gold and silver appear too coppery or metallic together, add a burst of another color for connecting the two shades. Black, for instance, is a bang-on connecting color choice. You might as well look for pieces which carry colored beads and metal, and then match it with accessories of the other metal. Such as, if you’re using black color, you might wear a pair of ‘black and silver’ earrings with a ‘black and gold’ neckpiece.

Just take care not to overdo it. The idea of using colors might fascinate you and you might want to use multiple colors as well. Nothing wrong with that. However, too many colors may take off the highlight from the real look of the metals. The main thing is to cast a balance.


Play with Hot & Cool

Gold epitomizes the glitter of warmth and light whereas silver reflects the chiming sparkles of soothing coolness and a settling earthiness. The blend of the two is just like the marriage of fire and ice. Thus, playing with the contrasting textures becomes easier when you take it this way. A neckpiece with a silver base and golden beads is a great idea.

Another example is to wear a tiny, simple gold pendant or locket along with a silver and gemstone choker. Also, combining a silver charm bracelet with a gold watch is another traditional yet gorgeous look. You might have seen photos of many women in the Punjab region  of India wearing silver kadas with gold bracelets or neck chains. Just terrific!


Focus on Different Body Areas to Avoid Overwhelm

Mixing gold and silver jewelry doesn’t always mean that you wear both silver and gold around your neck. It doesn’t imply that you wear both silver and gold in each of your jewel areas such as ears, neck, head, arms or feet. Rather, you can select different areas of your body for silver and gold accessories.

Wear a stack of plain gold bangles along with a pair of silver jhumka earrings. A spin of silver and gold ankles is yet another idea to explore. The key idea is to narrow your focus when verifying the separate look and expand your focus when choosing the items for your jewelry set.


The Role of Clothing & Apparels

Your dress goes a long way in determining how your jewelry will look and feel alongside it. No matter how expensive your clothing or your jewelry might be, if the two don’t walk side by side, it creates quite an imbalance in the look of the wearer.

Therefore, a right dress and the right style of jewelry is a must-have factor even before you have thought about combining silver and gold. A floral print summer outfit won’t go well with the jewelry set which might suit a shimmery party wear gown. The jewels you wear with a sari have to be different from the accessories you wear in a corporate get-together.   

If you’re going to mix silver and gold jewelry, it’s an essential task to first pay attention to the style of your clothing. If you are dressing up for your workplace, you will want to keep the jewelry at minimal. In this case, you might want to go for a mixed metal piece or perhaps some charm bracelets. On the other hand, if you’re dolling up for a wedding or an evening party, perhaps you can add a few more pieces such as heavy rings, longer earrings, etc.


Pay Attention to the Place & Occasion

Just like clothing, the event also matters a lot. A festive style look won’t be the same as the casual everyday look. And dressing up for a dinner night can’t be in the same style as dressing up for a college reunion. And so, in addition to the style of clothing you’re wearing, it is also important to pay attention to where and on what occasion you will be wearing the combination of gold and silver. 


A Quirky Tip

Even though you might now have lots of ideas to pair the silver and gold accessories you have. However, if still, you aren’t sure of pairing the two metals together, here’s a great idea. While you wear the jewels or accessories of one metal, why not add the look of other metal anywhere else. Let’s say, you’re planning to wear a sterling silver set on an occasion. You want to keep it minimal. And you want to combine some look of gold with it but you’re not able to figure out where to fit this look.

In such a case, you can add hints of gold by pairing the set with a dress which contains golden threadwork or perhaps golden beads or stones. Or, if you carry a clutch of hair comb, these are also wonderful places to add the second metal. This way, you’ll be able to wear both the metals at the same time without compromising on your style and looks.

Closing Thought

Trends come and go. What stays evergreen is you and your own unique style choices. So stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid to mix silver and gold. While you might not get it perfect the first time, once you get it right, there is no looking back. Only more options to explore. In the end, whatever style you choose, just wear it with attitude!

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