How to Resolve the Error “Ink Cartridges Locked to Another Printer” on HP Printer

hp printer

Printers are most widely used device in small/big offices or in the home. From businessman to school going student everyone needs this exclusive device in order to complete their daily tasks. There are a number of printing devices and brands available in the marketplace and Hewlett Packard is one among them. HP printers are extremely famous for their longevity and high-quality performance, but if you do not pay attention to their maintenance and repair, you will get huge technical faults.  To resolve such situations, you can take help from HP Printer Help Support.

There are numerous types of error a user can face while working on HP printers such as connection problem, paper jam, paper feed, and the most frustrating Ink Cartridges locked to another printer. If you are dealing with the same situation, do not worry, we are here to sort it out.

What does the error message indicate “ink cartridges are locked for another printer”?

Whenever you buy ink cartridges for your HP Printer that cartridge is 100% genuine. Once you have installed the ink cartridges on your HP Printer it will mark as secured, that means the cartridges can only be used with that specific printer only. If you want to buy a printer that uses the same link then do not expect that you can use the same ink cartridges in your new printer as it is locked to your old printer. And if your printer is showing error message i.e. “HP Protected Cartridges installed Replace Cartridges” that clearly means that you cannot reuse the same ink cartridges.

We totally understand how frustrating the situation is and why you would want to stop this from happening. The reason behind this is:

  • It is impossible to use or manufacture it again on any other printer.
  • Using the same ink cartridges of your old printer to the new one is not possible.
  • You cannot Refill or landfill the cartridges

What are the reasons for getting ink cartridges error message on HP Printer?

There are mainly two reasons for getting the ink cartridges locked error message on your HP Printer i.e.

  • First, check the printer you are using in which the ink cartridges are enabling or disabling. If it is enabled then there will be a chance of getting this error message on your computer screen.
  • Secondly, the situation may occur that the chip you are using for your new printer was previously used in your old HP printer and are made of genuine HP cartridges and on that printer, the setting of ink cartridges is enabled. In that case, you cannot reuse the same ink cartridges in your current printer.

Method of disabling the error message or ink cartridges protection of HP printer

There are two methods two methods through which you can resolve this kind of error message:

1. If your HP printer does not consist any internet feature. In such condition, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to printer Menu> Settings
  • Select the option to disable the HP cartridges protection
  • Click Apply and Save

2. If your HP printer consists internet features.

  • Open Web browser> Enter your HP Printer’s IP address
  • You will get an HP Printer which is attached to the web server> Click Settings>Select HP cartridges protection
  • Select disable HP cartridges protection> Click Apply or Save

This is the most frustrating issue which a user can face with their printer. If you are facing the same situation then you can use the above-mentioned troubleshooting guidelines. If still, you are unable to resolve them, then the last option you have is to take help from the Hewlett Packard printer tech support service. Their expert customer executive and high-skilled techies will solve your problem within just a couple of minutes.

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