How to Replace Kitchen Worktops


Since the kitchen in your home is a place where you spend quite a lot of time, hence you need to take care that it is well structured and properly maintained. Most of the activities in your kitchen take place on your kitchen tops, so they may wear out sooner. But refitting your kitchen entirely will cost you a handsome amount, thus it is better to replace kitchen worktops. Opt for high-density material, strong and durable tops which require no additional maintenance for few years. These should be resistant to heat, water, and scratching. Such type of worktops can be available in your area that can be relied upon for the best quality and long life.


Why Replace Worktops?

Recreate the traditional feel or that of a beach kitchen with a mirror decadent of a luxurious department just by replacing your kitchen worktops.

Steps for replacing kitchen worktops

Measure: Before replacing your kitchen worktop, you need to know the exact measurement of the area. If you are not changing the shape of your worktop, get the measurements of the old worktop. If the shape has to be changed, get the new measurements all together. Also, measure the thickness of the kitchen worktop required. It should be sturdy and have adequate thickness to bear the daily wear and tear.

Scribing the worktop for accurate fit: When you are replacing your worktop, you may encounter the gaps between your worktop and your wall. You just need to measure the difference between your wall and the worktop and cut out a wooden piece for scribing. Be cautious that your worktops are accurately fitted and the overhangs are even all the way.

Cutting the length of the worktop: When you are cutting the worktop for exact length leave 25 mm for overhang and draw the line with a pencil and ruler. Use masking tape to cover the pencil line but make sure that it is visible to you. Cut with a craft knife to make a groove and then with a jigsaw for a final cut. Make sure that the top is well supported from either side. Following this, remove the masking tape and smooth off the surface to avoid the damages.

Adjusting the lengths of worktops: You can fix the lengths of your kitchen worktops without using joining strip. Just place your two adjacent worktops the way you wish to join them and adjust them by scribing. Mark the screw positions and drill in them. Fix them by using glue and three fixing plates for proper and secure fitting. Complete the step by wiping off the excess glue before it starts drying.

Fixing the worktop with kitchen cabinets: This step requires the assistance of someone to apply pressure on top so that the worktop is perfectly secured to the cabinet. Fix the worktop underneath with the aid of screws and fixing brackets. The front edge also needs to be clamped so that it is properly adjusted.

Exposed edges must be finished: If you are placing solid wooden worktops, smoothen the unfinished edges with sand paper and smoothen it with stain proofing oil. Also, you can use finishing strips that come handy with worktops. Cut down the strips and fix them with adhesive tube and allow it to dry completely. Cut the edges with a craft knife and ask for expert advice.


If you feel that your kitchen has become outdated and needs transformation, go for the replacement kitchen worktops and get the look of a modern and spectacular kitchen. Careful replacement of your kitchen worktops changes the entire look of your kitchen for good and you can completely rely on worktop replacement services in your area.


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