How to Read OLM File on Mac without Outlook

Read olm file

In this post, we will discuss how to read OLM files on a Mac in easy steps. Here we will discuss the most effective and simple two solutions to analyze OLM files on Mac without Outlook. However, Users can also rely on the alternate solution, which analyzes several OLM files to PDF files on Mac & Windows OS. So continue reading this write-up.

OLM is a file format developed by Microsoft that is precisely designed to be used with Mac Outlook. OLM files include all of the relevant files and archives for Mac Outlook. This post will outline how to read OLM files generated in Mac Outlook on Windows OS.

Reasons behind How to Analyze OLM Files without Outlook

There are several reasons why you may require to read OLM files on Windows OS. The main reason is that the OLM file was not generated by Windows Outlook. In addition, this is not possible to explore an OLM file without Mac Outlook installed on the system. Let’s take a look at a user’s query.

Read OLM File on Mac without Outlook?

Yes, it is probable to analyze OLM File on Mac without Outlook. To do so, users will require software that is capable of opening and accessing the emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes contained within the OLM file.

The SysTools OLM Reader Tool is the ideal solution for viewing OLM files on Windows OS that were generated by Mac Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2011. By using this application users can simply open and access OLM file emails, calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks without requiring Microsoft Outlook for Mac.

Easily read the software and browse any kind or size of OLM file on Windows OS editions 11, 10, 8, 7 and Windows server 2019, 2016, 2012 and 2008.

Steps to Explore OLM Files without Outlook for Mac

As you know, there is no free method for exploring OLM files on Mac without Outlook. Therefore, users must rely on automated OLM file viewer software, as we have recommended. Follow the suggested steps given by the experts for the same software.

Hit on the add file button after launching the software to navigate the OLM file
Once the file is loaded, preview the emails, notes, contacts, tasks, and calendars contained in the OLM file
Users can explore both the emails and attachments simultaneously with the help of normal mail and attachments view tabs.
Finally, users can open the OLM files.


By following the above-mentioned methods, users can effectively open an OLM file without using Outlook thus, if you wish to export the OLM files to PST. Then users can try SysTools OLM convert software users can do so.

Best Features to Open OLM Files With

Provides Fast Analysis of MBOX File

This MBOX viewer software is a trusted Windows application to view the MBOX file independently of the email application. Apart from that, it provides eight distinct easy-to-read emails. The multiple mail views, like regular mail, properties, MIME, HTML, Header, HEX, Attachments, and RTF render a seamless approach to viewing and analyzing MBOX files of Windows and Mac OS email applications.

Preview by File or Folder Mode

This MBOX reader tool allows to browse and view MBOX files via two options file & folder mode.

File mode: This option allows users to add and preview a single MBOX file.

Folder Mode: This option permits users to browse the folder consisting of several MBOX files and preview them in bulk.

View Several MBOX Files

This MBOX viewer tool allows the users to read and view multiple MBOX files in batch mode. One can easily explore various MBOX files by using the software without any email application installation.

Final Verdict

Several users are looking for the solution to this query as there is no manual solution to accomplish this task. After seeing the requirements outlined in this post, we have described the best solution for reading OLM files on Mac without Outlook. Users can now easily resolve this query by utilizing the tool described above. 

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