How to Promote a Podcast: Checklist, Ideas & Tips

How to Promote a Podcast: Checklist, Ideas & Tips

It's a time where promotions have become crucial to aware people of any project. And reach a maximum number of audiences. Similarly, podcast promotion also became an important factor for several podcasters. 

It is true that the good-quality contents undoubtedly help to increase the audience. But it is not as easy as it seems. To even aware people of the upcoming podcast requires promotion. Thus, in this article, we will give you a deep insight into podcast promotion.       

Things to Consider While Promoting Podcasts

It is mostly preferred to include promotional planning into your workflow. And begin it from day one. There are different forms of promotional types and ideas available. All you need to do is look out for tactics that suit your show the most. 

The following are certain ideas and steps that must take place on your checklist:

Hold onto your guests:

The foremost idea of promotion is to spread awareness to your listeners or audience. Your podcast guests can be huge contributors for that once the date gets announced. In fact, even while the podcast episode gets live. 

You can ask featured personals to share it throughout their social media channels via sending them an email. It is one very powerful and effective way to promote your podcast. Also, invite guests that are more likable among your target audience. It is so because their promotional impacts will be more powerful.   

Don’t forget your existing audience:

Since all this promotional fuss is about gathering audiences, it is important to understand the type of audience you want to target. You must also think about your requirements. Think about what exists more than traffic spikes and general downloads. There are certain promotional methods that are applicable to your existing customers. It helps to get potential audiences.

Calls for action: 

Generally, podcasters seem to make two common but crucial mistakes. They are overlooking the present audiences listening and wasting calls for action. For instance, there are only twenty regular audiences. Those twenty listeners can lead you to reach a bigger number of listeners. 

You can ask your listeners about sharing your podcasts as a favor on behalf of benefiting them with entertainment. You might also ask for their reviews and, based on their feedback, do the necessary podcast editing.

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Audience survey: 

Your constant listeners can tell a lot more about your podcast shows, such as "how or from where they discover your show?" It helps to get a clear vision on which platform is the best for promotion and attracting more your type of audience.  

You can even ask them about their choices, like the types of topics they enjoy the most. Render them a place where your listeners can discuss their perceptions. It will aid in drawing the attention of others as well. 

Optimization of the website: 

With a properly suited website, you can promote your podcasts. And share a lot more about you in the podcast. You can create an about page, subscribe page, contact page, social sharing options, etc. You can use the website to describe your motive. Also, highlight ‘why' one should take an interest in your podcasts. 

Also, make sure your sites display accurately on a tablet or mobile-like devices. A very short promo-type trailer will also help the audiences to get a former idea about your shows. It would in-built interest among them to give your shows a shot for once at least. 

Email newsletter:

Well, many listeners can choose to receive your content through email. In that case, there are positive chances of them looking forward to hearing your podcast. Thus, focus on treating this facility as an opportunity. You might indulge in your podcast in the weekly newsletter. 

However, it is preferable to add a “dedicated message” regarding each show getting telecasted in the week. This way, you can also promote a podcast by reaching the audience personally.

Collaborations & cross-promotion:

Promoting gets easier when you know which door to knock. You can begin by finding out where all your type of audience is already hanging out. For podcasts, it is the subject matter that holds onto audiences. 

The best way to find them is by following other relevant podcasts. And cross-promo collaborations with other renowned podcasters make this job easy. Through talking about each other's podcasts and recommending them in your respective shows, you can promote them in a vast space. 

Visibility via financial support:

Old is always gold. So, the traditional advertising path of podcast promotion helps you gain advanced visibility. You can begin with sponsoring other podcasts on a wider topic. 

Apart from that, you can also engage in several forms of charity. For instance, opt for a veteran’s charity or a writers' show to support organizations that fund books for needy kids. However, make sure these gestures are more like an ongoing relationship. It should not appear as mere services. 

Bring up contents about or for others:

Following the partnership angle, you can create contents that involve reviewing other services. With guest posts, you are able to develop informative content for their audiences. And as a reward, you get to link back with your own content. 

You can even review other services or products in your content for better promotion. For instance, in a cooking podcast, you may involve a particular type of product. And then connect with the company later, informing them about the indulgence. There are chances that they will share it further with their respective audience. 

Wrapping Up

Well, it doesn't matter how engaging your content is if you fail to grab audiences. All upgraded promotional acts help a wide range of sectors reach their audiences. And the podcast business is one of them.

With exact promotional ideas and the right podcast editing tactics, you can reach a large number of audiences within a short interval. Otherwise, waiting till your podcast begins to get a huge listenership on its own can make you wait longer.

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