How to Prepare for Your Web Development Interviews in 2022?

Web Development Interviews
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Campus placements are a fundamental piece of an understudy's life. As soon as the degree is finished, the following significant step is to take part in the campus placements and land the job of your fantasies and crack some of the biggest companies you always wanted to work in. Yet, the interviewing system can be scary and overpowering every now and then. Ordinarily, the tension of breaking the interview overwhelms your abilities and subject information. To assist you with planning great for your campus-based interviews and landing the occupation of your fantasies, in the second part of this article we are going to discuss a few topics specific to freshers applying for the post of a web developer. So, without any further delay let us start this amazing guide for you to ace Web Development interviews in 2022.

What technologies and frameworks should you prepare for a web development interview?

Web Development is probably one of the most demanding jobs amongst freshers. Several companies come to the campus to recruit some good web developers for themselves. So, if you have chosen the domain of Web Development to work on, you should definitely be well aware of the following technologies, in order to have a good impression on the recruiters.

Except, for HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript today, there exist two major technological stacks amongst which you can choose whichever suits you. These are, namely, MEAN stack and MERN stack.

MEAN stack consists of four technologies/frameworks, which are:
● MongoDB
● Express JS
● Angular
● NodeJS

Similarly, the MERN stack comprises the following four frameworks:
● MongoDB
● Express JS
● React
● NodeJS

Now let us try to define these technologies to you briefly.

1. MongoDB

The need for a database is set into play whenever your application or website needs a database. MongoDB is one of the easiest possible ways to co-operate with Angular, React, Express JS and NodeJS.
MongoDB can directly store JSON documents created in Angular and sent to Express JS, for future usage.

2. Express JS

It has very powerful, useful, and robust, models for URL routing, and handling the HTTP request and response exchange. Using CML HTTP requests aka XHRs, or GETs and POSTs requests, you can easily connect your frontend prepared in React or Angular to Express JS functions which are the powerhouse of your website or application.

3. Angular

This is a front-end framework of JavaScript. It follows the MVW principle i.e. Model View Whatever. AngularJS allows us to extend our HTML tags with metadata so that we can build modern, responsive, dynamic, and interactive websites which otherwise would have been a very challenging task to do with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or jQuery.

It has got every nut and bolt that you would want a frontend JavaScript framework to have. From validation and localization, to communicating with your backend servers, it can single-handedly tackle all of it.

4. React

React is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook back in 2013. The sole purpose of developing this library was to enhance the user experience and interaction (UI/UX) of the websites and web applications. Today, it has managed to evolve a lot with the help of community support as it is open source. It supports various inbuilt functions and modules. Form modules and routing modules are a few of the most popular ones. It can be used to build single-page websites, which are very fast to navigate, and have an enhanced user interface (UI).

5. NodeJS

NodeJs works on the server-side of the website or application and uses a JavaScript runtime environment (JSRE) to run the JavaScript codes outside the browser. You can use Node Package Manager abbreviated as NPM to get support from a huge number of open-source modules. It is uni-threaded. It uses promises to ensure it is fast enough and robust.

So in order to ace your Web Development technical aptitude test what you have to do is, make a choice between MEAN or MERN stack. Then start working on a few projects to showcase during personal interviews. And finally, learn a few of the additional technologies that enhance the value of your resume. What are these technologies? Let us dive in and see.

● Git and GitHub

Git is a Version Control System (VCS) that developers utilize all across the globe. It assists you with following various variants of your code and working together with different developers. Assuming you are dealing with a project after some time, you might need to monitor which changes were made, by whom, and when those changes were made. This turns out to be progressively significant assuming you wind up having a bug in your code! Git can assist you with this. Git helps to structure a project into branches. None of the branches affects, the work of another branch i.e., they all are independent amongst themselves. Moreover, you can choose to “cherry-pick” the features from a different branch that you want and merge them into the main branch of the code. You can also choose to “roll back” to any particular commit any time you want.

GitHub is a very useful cloud-based platform that helps you to host all your projects and help your developers interact amongst themselves in a Version Control guided environment.

● Linux and Command Line Scripting

Linux or bash scripting is indeed a very undermined skill that beginners usually miss. But essentially it is one of the most used skill sets required in any company. You will have to work on shells no matter which company you are working in, or which side of the application you are working on (i.e., frontend or backend). Adding Linux and Shell Scripting to your resume instantaneously enhances the impression on your interviewer.

How to practice for web development interviews?

You can hop on to Mercer Mettl which is one of the most widely used platforms for companies to conduct their online interviews. It can help you prepare for the psychometric tests, technical aptitude tests, computer proficiency test, and all other kinds of rounds involved in placements. It comes with very affordable pricing so that you can prepare for your placements without any hesitation.

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