How to Paint the Face for Carnival or Event?

face painting child

Wearing the painted face is one of the classics in the world of carnivals. There are even those who do not dress up, but with face paint, you can already enjoy these parties much more.

Painting the face is an option that is much more interesting than wearing a mask, a mask or a mask. Also, carnival makeup is not as complicated as it seems if we put into practice a series of tricks and recommendations. With a little patience and originality, the results that we can obtain are very remarkable.

Materials to paint the face at a carnival

The first thing we have to do is gather all the essential materials. Many of them will depend on the amount of face paint that we are going to use, the drawing that we want to do and the number of people who want to make up. Since kids designs are different, expert kids face painter can better suggest. However, it is usual to have the following elements:

  • Hairband if it is long
  • Hydrating creams
  • Makeup sponge
  • Soft bristle brushes of different thicknesses
  • Lipsticks
  • Makeup pencils
  • Face paint (there are types of paint that are special for children)
  • Cotton
  • Micellar or make-up remover water
  • Soap to clean the face
  • Cleansing milk
  • Wipes to remove makeup

Makeup paints

The specific fantasy or carnival makeup is the best we can use. It is a type of makeup in different colors, suitable for all skin types and can be presented in the form of a stick, cream or pencil. It is very easy to spread and apply and remove with a little soap and water.

Face paint can also be a thick pencil or fine pencil. Fat pencils are easier to handle, although if you apply the moisturizer before painting it spreads much better. Besides, this cream will help us to remove the paint later much easier.

Metal and glitter paints and makeup bars are all the rage now. The latter is easy and clean to apply and make much more defined strokes on the skin of the face. Greater facial coverage is achieved with cream makeup since it has a more liquid texture. A type of paint that is also very easily removed with wipes. To these elements, you can also add a little glitter to achieve a more striking and shiny result.

Carnival makeup

Painting the face for the carnival is very simple by following a series of steps. Once we have all the materials, the first thing to do is to apply a layer of moisturizer with your hands. This cream will help us so that the carnival makeup does not dry out the skin.

Next, we take the makeup sponge and cover the entire face with a makeup base of the color we have chosen. The most used colors are white or the same color as the skin. The ideal is to cover all the areas that you want to paint later so that the carnival makeup is perfect. After the foundation has dried, the features are painted on top of it.

Professionals or those who already have experience can paint directly on the face. But if we are newbies, the best thing to do is to first draw the face on paper to have a copy as we make up. Another option is to have a cardboard template and place it on the face to paint in the gaps.

How to remove makeup from the face?

Once the party is over, you have to go through the "trance" of removing the paint or makeup from your face. The most recommended in these cases is to use specific products, not only because we are going to get the best results but also because the process is much faster and more comfortable.

That is why we would need a make-up remover, some moisturizing milk wipes to remove makeup or a little cotton soaked in make-up remover water. After removing the thickness of the paint, we just have to wash the face with soap and water to take out any remaining residue. Another recommendation is to apply a little moisturizer once we have removed all the paint and washed the face with soap and water. Something that we should do especially if it is a child since the skin of the little ones is a little more sensitive.

The skin must be thoroughly cleaned. We can't go to sleep with makeup on, as the pores need to breathe. If the makeup is denser, you can use a little cotton and cleansing milk. For the eye area, the ideal is to use cream or makeup remover.

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