How to Overcome Blind Spots in Software Testing

Blind Spots in Software Testing
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Have you ever accidentally added spice to a cake, because you were baking a cake and a steak at the same time? Have you dumped a spoon in a dustbin instead of a washbasin?  

Oops! Sounds nasty? 

Well, We might think, yes it is!

Unfortunately, sometimes we think of doing something and end up doing something else unintentionally. When you are busy with so many tasks simultaneously, the probability of overlooking something is more often. However, when it comes to your business, forgetful events can be very harmful. This is specifically true in the case of mobile applications because mobile applications are no longer regarded as an auxiliary means to access the Internet. In fact, in many organizations, knowledge about how to test and monitor mobile applications lags behind actual usage. 

No matter how perfect you are, still, there may be a point where you lack attention, maybe intentionally or unintentionally. Generally, security people pay strong attention even to the slightest things but they are also humans and humans are imperfect creatures. Certain aspects of reduced consciousness or accidental ignorance may lead to blindness, or the inability to notice what should be visible because our attention has shifted elsewhere. As a human psychological concept, unconscious blindness can also trouble testers and their testing ideas. When it comes to mobile performance testing, you don’t want to ignore anything. Therefore, in order to save you from the pain of missing these little things, it is recommended to consult an independent software testing company, to ensure the safety of your software products. 

Now let us draw your attention at some steps we can take to overcome, and avoid blind spots in testing;

Fixing the target - Avoiding too much information is a natural response to our brain. It will automatically focus on the key aspects of information while ignoring unnecessary details and interference.

In many cases, this is reflected in our focus on the task at hand and its context, so that we ignore the details around us. This is correct for daily activities, such as bumping into a pillar while looking at our mobile phone. Similarly, it applies to the testing too. For instance, 

The login box has username and password fields but the login button is missing.

Neglected Information - Testers usually perform tests with defined steps and expected results, so they often miss undefined content and only check the required results. The tester's thinking habit is to look for specific errors, and other information or defects may be missed, even if they may be right in front of their eyes.

Consulting with cross-functional teams - People other than testers may have a different way of thinking and mindset when it comes to viewing software details. Because they are not exposed to testing ideas and are not bound by scripts or test cases, they may encounter and observe different things. Letting different stakeholders participate in the test and share their views, views, and observations on the function being tested can really open the eyes of the tester.

Strong communication - In the lives of testers, the need for good communication can never be overemphasized. Testers must constantly interact with developers, business analysts, product owners, and user representatives to understand the position of each feature and user story. They must also analyze every missing issue reported in production to understand what they may have missed and how to increase their focus on this area. Therefore, better communication can help testers fill any gaps in understanding and ultimately create a more powerful product.

A culturally diverse team - An independent software testing company must have a team that belongs to a diverse culture. Normally, people with the same culture, values, morals, and ethnicity have the same way of perceiving things and taking actions against them. It can either be done via hiring candidates from diverse cultures, through the Beta test team to help evaluate the product or via outsourcing a team to perform basic acceptance tests, a different understanding of the software can encourage openness and empathy for testers.


Testing can speed up the process of creating high-quality software products. Organizations must be committed to the testing process because otherwise customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention would be at stake. A tester’s job is not only to eliminate errors. Moreover, not only to resolve the symptoms and then move on. You have a great opportunity to learn mistakes and improve the process. Interact with your team and make positive changes. You will find that your productivity will be enhanced vice versa.

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