How to Measure Salesforce User Adoption ?

Many Businesses invest thousands of dollars on the implementation of salesforce but they don’t success. The most important reason for CRM implementation failure is less use of it. User adoption plays a vital role to make your salesforce implementation successful.  Getting sales reps to adopt Salesforce is critical for meeting revenue objectives.

Have you implemented salesforce CRM application for your business needs? If yes, then it’s time for users to dive and start using it. Measuring user adoption is key to the success of your Salesforce implementation.

So, now important question is that, how do you measure your organization’s salesforce user adoption?  

Tracking user logins is a good start but it can't get enough. Because it can be confusing to figure out what to measure, you need to develop a framework of key performance indicators (KPIs). Senior manager, manager, and executives should meet to determine KPIs based on business benefits and desired process performance.

You can also try the AppExchange for adoption dashboard to track user login activities and new records added by the user.


Consider these three key areas when choosing metrics to measure user adoption:

Usage: Your first measurement of user adoption success is login rate. You need to ensure that users are frequently updating data and creating new contacts, opportunities depending on their role in the organization.  There are many salesforce reports that can compute this information for you.  Below is a list of suggested baseline metrics to track usage.


Users logged in – last 7 days – Monthly

Users not logged in by last name- Weekly

Users never logged in- Weekly

Users not logged in by last name – last 7 days – Monthly

Contacts created by owner role – last 120 days – Monthly

Opportunities (or Donations) - created by owner role – last 60 days – Monthly

Open tasks by assigned role - current and previous Quarter – Monthly


Data Quality: It is also a very important metric for measuring user adoption. Check critical fields and ensure users are filling data correctly. If certain fields are not filled out or are filled out incorrectly, it may compromise user adoption. I recommend you to use picklist and validation rules to enforce your data best practices. You can also use the free data quality analysis dashboard to analyze the quality of data that users entered and keep everyone on track. Below is a list of suggested metrics to get you started in tracking data quality:


Opportunities (or Donations) with a close date – last 60 days – Monthly

Stage opportunities are entered – Monthly

Contacts with all key fields populated – Monthly

Lead Rating on Converted Leads - Monthly

Accounts with All Key Fields Populated - Monthly

Accounts Missing Rating Field - Monthly

Key, Non-Required Fields Filled Out -Monthly


Organizational effectiveness:  It plays a critical role for measuring user adoption. Make sure your users are not only logged in but also are using the application in a way that enhances business effectiveness. You must be build analytics that will help you to uncover patterns and trends that track performance levels and identify trouble areas.


Pipeline by owner or owner role- Monthly

Monthly sales trends- Monthly

Activity Type by Assigned Owner-Queerly

Win Ratio for Current and Previous Fiscal Year- Quarterly

Open Leads by Owner Role, Open Not Contacted - Quarterly

Deal Type by Owners Winning, Current and Previous Quarters - Quarterly

Deal Type by Owners Losing, Current and Previous Quarters- Quarterly


Without any doubt, salesforce is an incredible tool to increase productivity, improve customer service, and drive sales. But, user adoption is very important in the success of your salesforce implementation. Follow above-mentioned steps and encourage your users to adopt the platforms. I am sure, it will work for you.  

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