How to Maintain Good Sleep As a Cancer Patient

Good Sleep

At times, everyone finds it troublesome catching some quality sleep. Most probably one diagnosed with cancer, and undergoing cancer treatment would find it almost impossible falling asleep. The following are some helpful tips to aid in not only falling asleep with ease but also maintaining the sleep.

Before going to bed

Taking a warm bath before retiring to bed can reduce fatigue, allow relaxation to ache muscles and with ease bring on sleep. Once again, muscle tension can be reduced by engaging in some gentle stretches daily, at regular intervals.

Once you are tired go to bed and ensure to switch off the lights. In the occurrence that you do not fall asleep within a quarter an hour, get out of bed and find an activity to engage in. You can consider listening to some music, in case music is not your taste, grab one of your favorite novels and go through a few chapters. Once you feel sleepy again, immediately go back to bed.

Ensure to turn the clock face away from you to avoid having a glance at it once you accidentally wake up while sleeping.

Try out sleep enhancers such as progressive relaxation.

Sample a cup of Chamomile tea. Being a healthy and safe type of herbal tea, Chamomile aids in relaxation and falling asleep.

Look for a book or a piece of paper and a pen. Place them beside your bed to note down any thoughts that may prove to be distractors while falling asleep.

Sleeping area

To avoid the need of turning on the lights while sleeping encases there is an urge to get up, use nightlights in hallways.

Maintain some cool atmosphere in your bedroom. It lowers body temperatures naturally while sleeping.

Eliminate any noise around your sleeping area. Silence plays a vital role in assisting you to catch some sleep. Incorporate some background noise, often the soothing one, for example, a fan, to counter inevitable noise from the surroundings, such as planes, busy streets, and trains.

Make your bed as comfortable as possible. A good mattress like the Avocado mattress will go a long way to help you get a great night’s sleep.

Once in the bedroom, you are there to sleep! Hold back any desire to watch the television or read while in bed. Moving any sound or light-emitting electronic device away from your bedroom may do you much favor.

Follow a schedule.

Ensure to go to bed and get up at around, if not the same time daily. Even on weekends, maintain the same.

Come up with a pre-bedtime routine and make following it daily a priority.

Eating and your sleeping habits

If possible, take your evening meal two hours earlier, before going to bed. Avoid any drinks and visit the washrooms before sleeping to avoid unnecessary movements to the washrooms once you fall asleep. If you have any incontinence medicines, take them before sleep.

Do away with any spicy or fatty foods in your evening meal. They may cause heartburn which may prevent you from sleeping, or if not so wake you up.

Once you have taken your lunch, avoid consuming caffeine. Being a stimulant, caffeine may hinder sleep. Caffeine aside, nicotine is also a stimulant that can prevent you from falling asleep.

Drink no alcohol too, once you approach your sleeping time. It is deceptive when it comes to sleeping. You tend to be sleepy but it makes you wake up very soon.

Foods with tryptophan enable the production of serotonin by the body, making it sleepy. Tryptophan sources, just to mention include bread, turkey, milk, and cereal. Taking a glass of milk or a turkey helps in sleep.

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