How to Live Longer? 4 Easy Tips to Live a Long and Healthy Life

How to Live Longer? 4 Easy Tips to Live a Long and Healthy Life

Statistics And Reality
Statistical advisements on life expectancy are just a fun way of playing “pretend”. If you lived on a volcano that suddenly woke, it wouldn’t matter if you ate all the right food, saw all the right people, worked out, or any of it. This is an extreme example, but every day you’re at risk of things beyond your control.

Say you’re conscientious when you drive or cross the street. Now say a sinkhole opens up at the wrong place and the wrong time, causing a vehicle to veer into you on the sidewalk. Or what if you drink a health supplement where the vitamin injection on the assembly line is corrupted with a mechanical lubricant that’s toxic and represents a fatal allergen to you.

These hypotheticals may seem “out there”, but Jim Fixx, dedicated jogger, died of a heart attack running one day. Why? Sweat depletes the body of necessary minerals, and he wasn’t supplementing properly. Hindsight makes his error easy to see, but future errors of a similar kind can’t be anticipated proactively; only retroactively understood.

The following tips may help you live longer, but there are no guarantees. Statistical likelihoods don’t define life expectancy—they’re just influencing factors that flavor expectations. Before applying any of these tips, remember: we go when we go. So don’t stress the small stuff, and enjoy what you can in life. That said, being conscientious about your health is still very wise.

1. The Age-Old Advice: Eat Right, Stay Physically Active
You know this: exercise thirty minutes a day five days a week. You don’t have to be too hardcore about it; just work up a good sweat. Also, don’t eat more food than you need, or less food than you need. Find your balance. Assure the foods you eat are organic, have a shelf-life, aren’t stuffed with antibiotics or hormones, and are not GMO. GMO is untested in reality.

When you give your body the right fuel and exercise it, components are maintained internally, and over the long-term, you position yourself for better health. Some people live well over a hundred years. These fifteen communities on average live longer. They eat more natural foods, they’re physically active, and they practice a few of the additional tips on this list.

2. Legitimately Become Part Of A Close Community
Communal ties give you a reason to live. Bachelors live shorter lives than married men partially because they have no one to please or live for, but themselves; so why not get plowed every night and go out on the town? Who cares if the liver is totally ruined; the fifty-year-old bachelor has no one worried or dependent on him, and that itself drives alcoholism.

In contrast, when you’re part of a community, and people depend on you, and you depend on people, then you’re less likely to mistreat yourself out of simple apathy. Accordingly, your body and mind remain strong enough that they’re apt to last longer.

3. Flossing And Taking Proper Care Of Your Teeth
There is a link between heart disease and not flossing owing to microorganisms that infect the body slowly over time as flossing is neglected. For most communities, taking good care of your teeth is one of the most statistically relevant ways of maintaining overall health in the long term. Toxic microorganisms can’t breed in the mouth if it’s regularly cleaned.

You should be visiting the dentist twice a year, and dental insurance helps you save money in the process while simultaneously helping you get better oral health solutions.

4. Reduce Technologically-Induced Vegetative States
Modern people watch too much TV, they play too many video games, they “veg out” on the internet too much. These things make you sedentary over long periods of time and produce synthetic pleasures that addict you, while simultaneously diminishing bodily strength.

Accordingly, you become addicted to these vegetative states and their accompanying unhealthy activity. Ultimately, you’ll find such activity acts like a “downward spiral” that will reduce life expectancy. Sure, it may not be that which “punches your ticket”, but unhealthy mental and physical activity certainly doesn’t help you live longer.

Staying Alive
Eat the right food in the right amounts and exercise regularly. Plug yourself into a community of friends, family, and peers. Brush your teeth, floss your teeth, and take care of your mouth generally. Don’t “veg out” on the TV or internet too much. These tips may well extend your life.

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