How Is Industrial Marketing Different Than Consumer Marketing?

How Is Industrial Marketing Different Than Consumer Marketing?

Industrial marketing requires a separate approach than consumer marketing, as there is a huge difference which needs to be understood by the marketers. Some of the key differences are:

Target Market

Consumer marketing targets to the large quantum of the audience which are bifurcated by the demographic profile of target customers such as age, gender, occupation, location etc.

The industrial marketing has to be very specific where there are user segments and sub-segments need to be covered; The further bifurcation can be there by the delivery location and size of user business.

Market coverage

Consumer Marketing coverage shall be broad and hence the media used in this segments are broadcast media such as TVCs, digital advertisement etc.

Industrial Marketing coverage here is narrow and hence the broadcast cannot be used as a tool. The ideal way here is to make Point to Point marketing, where Direct Marketing is one of the options.

Purchase Decision Maker

In Consumer Marketing the decision makers here are the individuals where the emotional and personal aspects matter a lot. The psychology of the individual and its demographic characteristic need to be addressed.

In Industrial Marketing the purchase decision is taken by a team where different stakeholders such as user team, purchase team, management are involved to make the decision. There is no role of emotional values, although the brand creates a differentiation.

Buying Decision

In Consumer Marketing the buying decisions depend on the individuals’ perception and the value perceived to their need.

In Industrial Marketing the decision is made with a systematic comparison of the available options and comparison is made with respect to the need for the goods/services.

Role of influencers

There is the role of influencer works well, where the decision can be influenced by the peer-individual who can be friend or family. The word of mouth plays a role and hence Social Media Marketing works well here.

There is no role of influencer; however, there are experts whose value matters. The references work well in the industrial marketing.

Repeat Order

The purchase can be one time or occasional or routine, depending on the nature of the product, however, the loyalty of the customer differs.

The B2B marketing needs repeat order when it comes to raw material. The after sales service is required in case of capital goods. The repeat purchase is completely different from the consumer marketing.


The B2B industrial marketing is different from the consumer marketing and hence for the same, there are different marketing medium and strategy used.

The key derivatives for B2B industrial marketing are:

Point to point marketing works well;
The purchaser would like to go into the depth of product specification and hence the content-based marketing is required (where ideal mode can be mailers or telephonic conversation);
The user segments / sub-segments and the concerned person need to be identified first to have a point to point marketing;
All the decision makers need to be contacted and made aware of products, its specifications, and USPs;
The disastrous fact is that the consumer marketing companies apply the similar marketing strategy for B2B advertisements and hence fail to achieve the expected outcome. There has to be a different approach and a model can be created which has proved track record.

Industrial marketing: Industrial Marketing is a Business to Business Marketing. It is a marketing channel focused on the selling of Products & Services to the other organizations.

Why Industrial marketing?

In this competitive scenario, achieving optimum results for industrial business is very important. It requires identifying the target market and effectively communicating your business products and services.

There are very few media options and marketing agencies available in India which is specialized for B2B Industrial marketing. One such organization is Kaizen's SMPO division, which has 7 Years of experience in Industrial Sales & Marketing for their clients across the globe, headquartered at Ahmedabad-Gujarat.

How Can Industrial marketing be easy, time efficient and cost-effective:

Here are the solutions for the above queries - “Industrial Marketing Simplified”


There is a model developed which works on “Point to Point Marketing” which is the best effective tool for all other options. With this tool, there are new segments covered and the hidden opportunities can also be addressed.

The best part of this model is “Two Way Communication”, which none of the other media work. This model is useful for the in-house sales team as their extended hand to increase sales productivity and wider market coverage.

It's proving a “Sales Support System” where a business can outsource their sales and marketing activities in terms of entering into new geography, penetration, diversification or segment expansion;

It's focused on the “Business to Business” sales which can largely cover Sales Support Services. The services are applicable to all the industry or segments into different business size from a start-up to multinational organizations.

It help clients into implementation for their Geographical expansion, New market entry, Product launch, Industrial Marketing and Advertisement, Setting-up distribution channel, Identifying export opportunities and various other Business activities.


The clients have derived advantages as below:

  • Reach to 100% potential target market;
  • The highest level of effectiveness than any other media (i.e. expo, magazine, print media);
  • Two-way communication approach (Selling client products vis-a-vis collecting market data);
  • Professional approach;
  • Backed by a strong research team;
  • Time Saving of Core sales team by providing Hot Leads
  • Flexible work culture;
  • Innovative strategies and approach;
  • Collective efforts towards the achievement of the objective;
  • Highest return on investment on SMPO activity expenditure;
  • The technical and managerial expertise of the team;
  • Highest confidentiality of information and strong ethics;
  • Creating a sales support system which can equip the client sales team to approach the customer in the effective and efficient way;
  • A unique model with proven success;

Happy to help clients to move in parity with the market with our strong backbone of market research and industry expertise.

We welcome you to explore the services to make your business grow.

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