How to Improve Digestion Naturally At Home?

How to Improve Digestion

How long does it take to do the digestion? The digestion period differs from person to person, just as it changes between men and women. The average transit time through the large intestine or colon is about 40 hours, with a significant difference between men and women. In men, it takes 33 hours and 47 in the case of women.

For this reason, it is not convenient to eat very heavy or copious meals, since our body will have a much harder time digesting food. As well as it is convenient to eat in a healthy and balanced way to avoid disorders in the digestive system.

How to improve digestion?

Digestion is a complex process and many people downplay certain discomforts. But in reality, it is not normal to have heartburn after eating, nor to have a bloated stomach or alternate periods of constipation and diarrhea.

All these discomforts are caused by some cause and may have something to do with certain habits. Heed the following tips and put them into practice to improve your digestive process.

  • Eat slowly by chewing food well: if we gobble up food without chewing enough, other processes could be affected. So the food should last for at least 20 minutes. This is the time it takes for the brain to send the satiety signal.
  • Divide your food intake into four main meals: breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. Do not skip any, because getting hungrier to the next is a mistake. You will eat faster and more, causing difficulties in the digestive system.
  • If you don't want to go to sleep too bloated, try moving dinner hours forward.
  • Extreme temperatures irritate the digestive mucosa, therefore, do not consume foods that are too cold or too hot.
  • It is recommended to chew the food 20 times since if the food is not well digested, the saliva does not emulsify it and the secretions will not act correctly on it.
  • Do not drink too much liquid during meals, as this favors the segregation of gastric juices and the food will be heavier. It is best to drink it after meals.
  • Always eat balanced dishes. Ideally, half should be cooked food and the other half raw.
  • Calculate the right portions so that the stomach does not press on the esophagus, this could favor reflux.
  • Include proteins in each meal in a moderate way, thus favoring the secretion of substances that intervene indigestion. Remember that you will not only find proteins in meat but also in dairy, eggs, and legumes.
  • Do not exercise two hours before or during the two hours after food. Digesting food is very heavy work for the body and the blood is concentrated there. For this reason, if the muscles also require their presence, a problem will be generated.

How to speed up digestion?

Drinking plenty of water will help you in the digestive process, both when you get up and between meals. Cereals, better if you make them whole grains, as well as pasta, bread, and cookies.

As for dairy products, yogurts, those that contain prebiotics and kefir are ideal for promoting the digestive process. Furthermore, it has a diuretic effect. Some foods pamper your stomach, such as artichoke, cinnamon, cumin, fennel, turmeric, pineapple, and papaya.

Following good habits will also help you ease digestion and take care of your digestive system. When you are eating, speak little and chew well, and be careful with emotions, as they affect digestion. Try to avoid problems, at least while you eat. To finish, breathe well to better oxygenate the stomach and thus promote the digestive process. The breathing must be abdominal and walking 10 minutes after the meal will also help you.

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