How to Get Your Muse Back?

Losing a Muse is probably the worst thing that could happen to any person, especially if this person deals with professions that demand creativity. These situations have definitely taken place in every person’s life. Unfortunately, losing your Muse never happens in time. Mostly it occurs when you need her more than ever. Which is why I suggest you be ready for things like that. You need to know where to find your Muse, in case she decides to take a vacation at the most inappropriate moment.

Your Muse - who is she and why did she leave you?

In Greek mythology, there were nine goddesses of inspiration called Muses. Each Muse served to inspire different genres of literature, science, and arts. With years passing by, people stopped believing in the Greek pantheon. However, the Muses still exist in our lives. No matter what you do for a living, you need to be inspired in order to do it perfectly. Your Muse is a creature of inspiration that cannot be seen with a naked eye but her presence or absence can totally be felt. She comes from out of nowhere and helps you create magnificent things. However, your deadlines, high pressure at work, and daily problems can easily scare her away. When it happens, you feel a horrible emptiness and indifference inside. What is worse, you cannot actually get down to the work you need to do. That’s why you might feel even more depressed, downcast, and under more pressure than before. There seems to be no way out of this vicious circle. Nevertheless, there is still an option you may use: go after your Muse.

Where can you find your Muse?

First, you need to prepare yourself to meet your Muse again. In order to do this, you have to calm down and stop worrying. Try out every small thing that brings you a hint of pleasure: a cup of tea, one episode of your favorite series episode, or the song that always sets you into a necessary (not melancholic!) mood. This little issue doesn’t have to take a lot of your time, it only needs to put you into the mood required. Also, get something yummy. Chocolate bars, ice cream, fruit, or even jelly: whatever helps you relax and concentrate will do. It’s the easiest way to calm yourself down and call upon your Muse. As soon as you do it, you’re ready to take up a journey aimed at following your Muse.

Seek for a pleasant interlocutor

Surprisingly, you can meet her in places where you never expected her to be. She can wait for you at your friend’s house or she can stand behind someone who always cheers you up. Talk to someone optimistic. To get inspired, you have to be surrounded by inspiring people who will infect you with their positive attitude. Perhaps, you’ll get dawned by a flash of inspiration while drinking coffee with your old friend.

Rest a bit

Have a nap. The lack of inspiration doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve worn out as a Creative person and need to look for another trivial job. You might be simply exhausted because of a rough week at work. That’s why don’t be in a hurry packing your stuff: snatch a nap and your problems will go away along with your tiredness. It does work: Mendeleev didn’t come up with his periodic table while sleeping in vain.

Your Muse can be hiding in books, films, and Pinterest

These first two options may be very helpful if you have more than two hours before you need to get down to your work. An inspirational book or a thought-provoking film can change your attitude towards your work. The choice is up to you: whatever genre you like will be of great help. Some people get inspired by watching The Green Mile, while others like reading Marcel Proust. In general, Proust will be very helpful: if you don’t get inspired with the help of this book, it will bore you so much that you will either fall asleep and have a full rest or you will be eager to start working: anything but reading In Search Of Lost Time.

Also, you may check out Pinterest. If Greek Muses lived on Mt. Olympus, modern Muses have their accounts on Pinterest. This website is inspired by its flashes of colors and marvelous pictures. Personally, my inspiration lives in pictures of Spanish artist Vicente Romero Redondo and Russian Vladimir Volegov: this is the only place for now where I can enjoy their masterpieces that breathe a warm Mediterranean summer and new ideas.

Get inspired with… web design platforms

Web design platforms are those magical places on the Internet I have recently discovered for myself where inspiration lives along with talented graphic designers who share their encouraging works with everyone. As for me, the most inspiring things here are creative logo designs. It strikes me how it’s even possible to bring so much sense into such a petite space. If people could succeed in such a difficult challenge, why can't I take up my challenge? With this thought coming to my mind, I’m sure my Muse gets back as well.

What if nothing helps?

If nothing helps you, there’s only one option possible here: follow Nike’s creative slogan Just do it! Start doing it. Invite your Muse by beginning to work on the project and she’ll come for sure. Think of it: she has never left you in trouble, has she?

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