How to Find the Perfect Ear Cuff For You

How to Find the Perfect Ear Cuff For You

Ear cuffs have gained lots of popularity recently, and we can see why. 

Ear cuffs allow you to experiment with quirky, out-of-the-ordinary earring styles without having to get piercings. They also add style to dressing by adding a stylish and chic look that gives you an extra edge. 

If you are a fan of ear cuffs or you want to give it a try, you need to learn how to style an ear cuff properly. This article will provide you with styling tips and also show you some great styles to try in the coming season. 

Do I need to get piercings?


The great thing about ear cuffs is that you don’t need to make permanent changes to enjoy its style. 

You don’t need to get your ears pierces, which means you don’t have to go through the physical pain of piercing.

You can easily slip an ear cuff in when you need it, and take it out when you don’t. It’s that easy. 

 How to Style Your Ear Cuff 

Ear cuffs make a perfect and stylish replacement for the traditional stud, hoop, or drop earring. It is a must-have accessory.

An ear cuff hangs on the outer lobe of your ear, makes a beautiful statement piece, and is the perfect choice to add an exciting and off-duty style to your look. 

Whether for special occasions or an expression of creativity and style, you can wear a single ear cuff, multiple cuffs at a time, or pair up an ear cuff with a standard earring. 

Ear cuffs are more beautiful and attention-arresting when worn on just one ear rather than both.  Of course, it depends on your personal preferences, your style, and the specific occasion you would like to visit.

If you have two ear piercings, style your ear cuff with a simple hoop earring in the first piercing and a single stud in the second piercing. 

Try out different combinations of ear cuffs and earrings such as two studs in one lobe, with an ear cuff to perfect the look, or a single stud in each lobe, with an ear cuff as finishing. Mix them up with piercings, or how about just one for a more simple style. 

How to fit your ear cuff

Putting on an ear cuff for the first time is a painful and confusing experience because you don’t know what to do. But as you get used to it, you can fit in your cuffs as easily as you put on your studs. You also won’t feel any pain when fitting it on. To size the ear cuffs just press a bit with your fingers until you reach the desired size.

Here is a safe and straightforward guide to fit your ear cuff.

Get a mirror. Slip your ear cuff on your upper ear, slip the opening of the cuff around the thinnest side of your cartilage. Make sure one side of your ear cuff is at the front of your ear while the other side is at the back of your ear.
Hold the ear against your head with two fingers and slide the cuff down with your other hand until you achieve the position you want. The ideal spot for a cuff is just above your ear lobe. 
Look in the mirror after adjusting. The cuff should fit comfortably on your ear. Make sure it feels tight enough to not budge from its position. If it feels too tight, move it down to a more comfortable spot. Even the lightest sting will become painful during the day so you must make sure it doesn’t sting.  

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