How Does Your Office Space Reflect Your Intent to Retain Employees?

Employee retention

The office space is seen as a tool to keep employees engaged and motivated. It hasn’t been that long since managers and HR leaders started establishing the importance of an attractive workspace to engross its employees and attract fresh talent. Maintaining an appealing environment assures the organization that top talent would like to stick around a bit longer and it becomes an added advantage to an organization’s retention and HR talent management strategies.

There are many reasons that can draw an employee to call it quits, the increase in demand for contingent work, the lack of job stability or overload of tasks; but beyond all this, what pulls them back to grab onto their current organization is the way they are respected and how impactful their experience over there has been, this is what talent management caters to.

Initially, the trend to beautify the workspace was seen more prominently in start-ups and small size companies. They initiated creative methods to use their work area to engage and motivate each individual. This now has expanded its effect into corporates as well; where many MNCs are utilizing their space in and around their premises to attract people.

Diversify the culture

An employee can significantly contribute to the performance of an organization only when he is confident and truly feels comfortable with his surroundings. Any company we come across include a mix of people from different walks, but that must not be measured as a differentiator. Each individual must be valued for his ideas. A good employer must invest in making sure all employees reflect their personality in whatever chore they do and ensure it converts to great business prospects for the company. Multi-lingual and multi-ethnical groups must be encouraged to work together and build stronger bonds.

Redecorating with positive elements

As the scope of employment gets more competitive and harder, more escape zones need be structured within office spaces where employees can go and let out their anxiety and get relieved. These relief spots need not just be rooms or designated spaces, they can be anything that pleases the eye. Using appropriate colors on the interior walls (something that is soothing, bright and engaging but not sober or dull), including greenery or green elements (these give a sense of relief and a breath of fresh air so that they can let loose), providing more access to the outdoors through open windows or balconies, arranging for comfortable and cozy furniture –  can all bring a sense of belonging with the company.

Activity zones

From open office designs to quirky cubicles, the architecture and construction of interiors have evolved with the changing times. The latest in the trend is activity based designs, where individual spaces are designed for a designated purpose. These need not only be related to work like meeting rooms or discussion centers, even fun activities like a game room or a multimedia room can be built in proportion to the office space. These activity zones deliver break-out spaces that keep employees on the right path and relaxing their stress. Activity zones tend to increase the number of effective work hours an individual puts in.

Work life stability

Work-life balance is a very important aspect when it comes to talent management and improving the employee experience. This tops the list of mandatory needs for most employees and managers too. Employees need to be given the flexibility to choose where and how they work. The office is where they spend a good 10-12 hours in a day; to avoid over exertion or emotional stress, some escape zones or activities must keep them engaged and stress-free.

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