How Damp Proofing Can Save Your Five Senses

Damp Proofing
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You’re probably already well aware of the perils of damp in the home. They’re well documented, after all. The musty scent. The sodden patterns. The eroding walls. Damp is a big problem that can cause property value to plummet and maintenance costs to rise, but did you know that it can also severely affect your health?  

Damp does not just pose a figurative headache for homeowners – it also presents a very real threat to the five human senses we hold so dear: our perceptions of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Damp proofing can not only help to save your property, it can also help to save your health. Here’s why…


Microscopic bacteria thrives in damp environments, and as bacteria enters the body it can cause the sinuses to become blocked – the nose in particular. When the nostril airways are obstructed, respiratory problems can arise, which can lead to abrupt fits of coughing and sneezing. Studies have shown that those living in houses with damp are twice as likely to develop asthma (and related breathing problems) as those who live in damp-free properties. The smell of damp is undeniably unpleasant, but the damage it can actually do to the airways is an even greater concern.


There have been several incidents where inhabitants of damp-riddled houses have reported problems with their sight. This is because the eyes can suffer when continually exposed to toxic environments for a long period of time. Damp has been known to cause a variety of different allergic reactions, and one particularly common symptom is watery, red, itchy eyes. To keep your eyesight protected, eliminating damp is essential.


There is evidence out there to suggest damp may aggravate or cause tinnitus – otherwise known as “a ringing in the ears”. Tinnitus can be exacerbated or brought on by the presence of an infection in the body, and the microorganisms in a damp household often flourish to the point where they bring down the inhabitants’ immune system. When your body is preoccupied with protecting you from bacteria, it doesn’t have the capability to defend other parts of your body in ways it ordinarily would. This can ultimately lead to the development of tinnitus, along with other ear problems that may arise as a result of infection (swelling, leakage, earache).


Anyone living in a damp environment will inhale air that’s tainted with bacteria. When damaging microorganisms enter your system, the body will do everything it can to get rid of them – which is why people in damp houses occasionally develop symptoms similar to those of someone with a vomiting bug. In the short-term, damp can leave such a sour taste on the tongue it causes nausea. Over longer periods however, it can actually induce serious sickness.


Many people living in damp environments have experienced the sudden onset of skin issues such as eczema and prickly rash. By accidentally touching a damp wall, bacteria present in mould and damp can latch onto the skin and lead to extreme irritation which may spread to other areas of the body. Damp is not always as visible as you might think either, and it is remarkably easy for your skin to come into contact with it. Whilst damp is present in a household, nagging skin problems simply won’t go away.

Without a doubt, damp proofing is an essential for any homeowner.  Maintaining your damp treatment will not only help your health but also your home.  When instructing a professional to ddamp proof your home, please ensure that they hold the relevant certification, are experienced in the field and that they can guarantee the work they carry out for you.

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