How To Customize Your Bathroom


The classic bathroom

Discreet in design, functional in furnishings: Classic-style bathrooms are very popular. This is due in particular to the timeless appearance - once renovated, refurbished or newly furnished, a classic bathroom is still up to date even after 10 or 15 years. Straight contours and light colors dominate the design of this bathroom idea. Wall surfaces in pure white with pastel-colored, large-format tiles in cream, brown or beige tones as color nuances are recommended. Bright bathroom furniture, such as a vanity unit, round off the subtle and timeless overall impression.


The simple & modern bathroom

Practicality and functionality are the leitmotifs for simple and modern bathrooms. Large format tiles in cool and muted colors in combination with white or gray painted walls form the basis of this style. You can set visually striking accents with modern elements made of glass, wood, or steel surfaces - for example with the bathroom furniture with preferably closed fronts. There are also sanitary objects with clear edges and defined shapes. Classic washbasins are a thing of the past with this style. Instead, use cuboids as suitable geometric figures when modernizing your bathroom. The bathroom fittings should have corners and edges and be highlighted with shiny surfaces. Also, learn more here about online bathroom planners.


The wellness oasis

Comfort, rest, and relaxation are the focus here. How about a bathroom idea with a steam bath, an infrared cabin, or a whirlpool, for example? If you have enough space and money available, there is nothing to be said against a high-quality domestic wellness oasis with amenities that you otherwise only know from public baths and saunas. Sufficient open spaces are ideal for the feel-good factor. Take this aspect into account when planning by focusing on a few highlights.

Natural materials such as dark wood or stone and textiles made of cotton or linen add to the atmosphere. Soft colors such as sandy yellow or cream as basic tones radiate harmony. Complete the style with a suitable lighting concept. Rely on a balanced mixture of bright work light and cozy feel-good light. Dimmable and color-changing LED strips are a good choice for this.


The living room

With the concept of the bathroom, you say goodbye to the classic bathroom and instead focus on innovative and cozy living comfort. A bathroom is a room in which the bathroom, bedroom, and dressing area flow into one another. A corresponding amount of space is an essential requirement for this bathroom idea. How about, for example, a free-standing bathtub or a rain shower in the middle of the room? In older buildings, in particular, it may be necessary to remove walls and merge two rooms. Bathroom modernization offers the perfect reason to do so. If in doubt, consult a structural engineer or architect. Design highlights are conducive to a cozy atmosphere such as wooden wardrobes, upholstered armchairs, and decorative houseplants.

The family bathroom

If you want to set up a functional family bathroom, you need one thing above all: lots of space, including the shower area. A vanity with several basins is a first measure to prevent family members from queuing in front of the bathroom door in the morning. Furthermore, such a bathroom should be equally tailored to the needs of children, parents, and maybe grandparents.

Our bathroom ideas for this concept:

  • a tilting mirror
  • sure-footed stools at the washbasin
  • a height-adjustable toilet
  • robust and easy-care materials
  • the best accessibility for seniors
  • If there is a lack of space, a combined shower/bathtub is also a good compromise.

In addition, plan for sufficient storage space, for example with bathroom furniture such as a vanity unit. Custom-made furniture for all free walls and corners is recommended so that there is enough freedom of movement even in smaller bathrooms.


Bathroom according to Feng Shui

With the "Chinese doctrine of harmonious living and living space design" you create harmony between people and their environment through the interaction of Feng (wind) and Shui (water) - the perfect prerequisite for a high feel-good factor in the bathroom at home.

Basically, it is important to create peace and intimacy, for example with windows with privacy screens and a lockable bathroom door. Also, use blue and red tones sparingly and opt for light, calm colors such as creamy white or beige instead. Closed cupboards, plants and rounded edges complete your feng shui bathroom.


The Mediterranean bathroom

Do you like the Mediterranean lifestyle and would you like to remember you're wonderful holidays in the Mediterranean every time you visit the bathroom? Then you will like this bathroom idea! Warm, earthy colors and organic natural materials bring you very close to Roman thermal baths, Greek baths, or Spanish haciendas. Untreated wood, rough natural stone, or a shower wall made of glass add appropriate accents to this style. Earthy colors such as ochre, terracotta, or crimson come into question as wall paint. When it comes to wall tiles, it is best to use natural stone or mosaic. A cube-shaped vanity, Mediterranean plants, and warm lighting complete the design.


The innovative high-tech bathroom

The digitization of everyday life does not stop at the bathroom as a retreat. Intelligent bathroom technology makes your stay in the bathroom as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Our ideas for this bathroom concept:

  • An intelligent shower toilet ensures maximum hygiene with a shower jet and warm air dryer
  • Digital fittings on the mixer taps allow you to set the water temperature to the exact degree and regulate the strength of the water jet at the sink or in the shower.
  • High-tech functions such as Bluetooth connection, smartphone holder, LED lighting, and built-in monitors for calling up weather data, time, and news are integrated into the mirror.
  • Electronic towel heaters controlled by an app and smart lighting complete the high-tech bathroom.


The barrier-free bathroom design

Make your bathroom fit for your own future: so that you or your parents can enjoy as much quality of life as possible in your own four walls even in old age, it is best to make your bathroom barrier-free. This starts with sanitary objects such as washbasins and toilets. These should be at least 20 centimeters apart and 30 centimeters apart from the next side wall. A free space of 120x120 centimeters makes sense in front of the washbasin, toilet, shower, and bathtub – even 150x150 centimeters for a wheelchair user. A wheelchair-accessible door also has a width of at least 90 centimeters and should open outwards. Other important aspects are a wheelchair-accessible vanity, a walk-in shower, barrier-free fittings,


The small bathroom

Well-thought-out bathroom furnishings can turn even a small bathroom into a real gem with a high feel-good factor. For example, if you do not want to do without a bathtub, a so-called space-saving bathtub can be your solution. Corner bathtubs can also be sensibly accommodated in smaller bathrooms.

In addition, pre-wall installations provide further design options: with newly laid pipes and plasterboard cladding, you can, for example, install the washbasin and toilet in the corners of the room


The oriental bath

When you think of the Orient, you picture playful elements and intricate embellishments. Bring this oriental atmosphere into your bathroom with playful fittings and ornate wooden furniture. In terms of color, turquoise blue, ruby ​​red and emerald green are suitable for this concept. Sand and ocher tones on the walls complete the design. Patterned tiles also fit well into this room concept. You set accents with silk or velvet curtains.

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