How to Clean Eye Glasses Properly

How to Clean EyeGlasses Properly

Today, wearing eyeglasses is an everyday event. Some people have to wear it all day and some only require it for close work. But one thing’s common, throughout the day eyeglasses become laden with dust, covered in oil and got spots on them. The main way out from this situation is to clean the spectacles frames properly, so there is a need for proper eyeglasses cleaning tips. Today we present an easy way to clean your eyeglasses without damaging them.

But firstly, branded eyeframes are made of materials that are durable and made specially to appeal to the aesthetic appeal of the wearer. The metal frame is lighter and better looking and cleaning lenses provides them with the option to provide you good vision. Even normal low-cost frames are available in various looks, designs and are available in different material built, making them one of the most affordable solutions to eye problems.

Keeping eyes protected is important and if you are someone who wears eyeglasses daily, then finding a way to keep them clean throughout the days is important. Here are the two ways by which you can clean your eyeglasses properly and see better. Looking

The best way to clean your lenses on the go is to moisten the glass by holding it near your mouth and blowing to create moisture on the lens. Then use a soft microfiber cloth to gently wipe the lens and the spectacles frame lightly to remove the dust and grime. Never use your usual cloth to wipe the glass, as it can leave your glasses foggy and will not remove the oils or grime totally

Alternatively, if you see your glasses getting too oily or greasy, there’s a simple way to clean them. The best would be to purchase spectacles and lens cleaner designed for the use on eyeglasses. Otherwise, an alternative way to do it would be to take one drop of liquid detergent that’s usually used to clean kitchen utensils. Take a drop of the same liquid on the spectacle and use a bit of water to lather on the lenses. Then hold the spectacles under running water to wash out the oils and Sebum. Then let the spectacle air dry and wipe with microfiber cloth for crystal clear lenses. 

This second method will leave your spectacles squeaky clean and help you get the best results and cleaner spectacles.

These are the best two methods of cleaning your eyeglasses. But remember to follow these few tips for a longer spectacle life - (a) Keep your spectacles in a protective case (b) Never wipe them while they are dry, as there can be dust particles which can damage the lens coating (c) Do not use spit to clean the lens, alternatively use normal running tap water. 

The best way to ensure a great fit and great durability of a product is through its proper handling. The more you handle your spectacles with care, the more you ensure that your spectacles will stay in good condition for years to go. Rough handling or using detergents or cleaners with lemon or citrus essences will result in damage to your lens protective coating. Also, make it a point to ensure that you do not keep your eyeglasses inside your pocket along with sharp objects that can damage your lens. When you are in a situation where oil or grime gets in contact with the glasses, use the second method to clean your lenses. Never wipe with a dirty or rough surface to ensure that the eyeglasses lens stays protected. 

So, now that you know how to keep your spectacles clean, always follow these tips and ensure good health for your eyeglasses.

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