How to Choose the Best E- Signature Software for Your Business


Business document transaction and document management represent the new way of doing business digitally. Businesses of today are opting for e-signature solutions as they offer secure document delivery, storage, control, and flexibility for end users.

In earlier days, for businesses to get signatures on physical documents was a tiring process. This procedure typically involves in printing the documents for yourself, signing on the documents, mailing the documents to the third-party sources, and waiting for them to print the documents, sign on them and send it back to you. It is completely a time-consuming process and it typically took more than 10 days to get signatures on paper documents from multiple signers which can delay the business operations big time.

But in this digital world, competition is in high spirit and the businesses of today are operating in a fast-paced world. A small delay in the document transaction may lead to huge damages to the company. Therefore, the new entrepreneurs strongly believe in technology and wish to choose the right electronic signature software to manage digital transactions and to speed up the business proceedings.

For business people, here are a few techniques to choose the best e-signature software for your business

1. Analyze Your Business Requirements

Before choosing the right electronic signature software for your business, you need to first understand the technical jargon that different e-signature providers use. There are many different types of e-signature schemes available in the market such as basic e-signature marks, biometric e-signatures, e-signatures with unique digital signatures etc. You need to be careful and focus on your budget requirements and business needs while choosing the best e-signature solution for your business.

But before opting for the one, better to study online reviews about e-signature providers, contact them directly, have a meeting with them, explain to them about your business requirements, study the technical documentation that can explain you about different types of e-signature platforms, train yourself on how to operate the solution and enquire whether they can provide you with cloud-based e-signature software. For businesses, it’s always better to opt for a cloud based e-signature solution as it is affordable, flexible, and secured.

2. Ensure Documents Are Secured

As a business entrepreneur, try to choose an e-signature software that can secure your business documents after they’re signed. And also ensure that the electronic signature software that you select must provide automatic locking facility for different document formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, Power-point, Access etc.

3. Makes Signing Process Easy

While choosing an e-signature solution, ensure that it is simple to use for everyone in your organization and can make the signing process easier with one or two clicks. In addition, ensure that your e-signature solution provides additional features such as customizable signatures, graphical signatures, batch signing process, multiple types of signatures on a single document, multiple language support etc.

In addition, consider the cost of your e-signature solution and analyze whether it is meeting your budget requirements or not. And also consider the following factors such as the cost involved in installing the software, the cost involved to protect the software from malware and virus, the cost involved to upgrade the software to additional features, security standards and the type of plug-ins required to install the software etc.

As there are several online electronic signature solutions available in the market, it’s easy for the businesses to choose the right software. But before selecting the one, ensure that the chosen software enables your organization staff to sign a business document digitally in a highly secured environment.

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