How Can You Tell That You Have Rodents in Your House


The rodents are probably the most dangerous and unpleasant pests which you can find in your home. They come inside your house when they sense that there's food lying around and they can eat it easily. It's important to keep them as far away as possible at all times. But how can you tell that you have rodents in your house? After all, they are small, they come out usually when we sleep and they hide very quickly. It's practically impossible to notice them. But still, there are a few easy ways make sure if we have them. Let's check them out.

#1. Damaged food

Everyone can tell you that the first sign which can help you tell that you have rodents in your home is the damaged food on your table or counter. If you find goods like meat, cereal or fruit, with gnaw marks on them, it's certain that you have rodents and you'll have to do something to get rid of them. The best way to get rid of these pests is to call pest control experts because they will help you to exterminate all pests in your home, not only the rodents. I use that kind of services every 6 month, and because of that I can't see even one bug in my house in Melbourne.

#2. Gnaw marks

All rodents have very sharp teeth they can use to gnaw almost everything they would like. They usually gnaw on the wood in the house to sharpen their teeth and to get around the property unnoticed. This is what makes them so dangerous and why it's not good to have them just walking around your home unattended. If you want to be sure that you have rodents in your home, you should check for gnaw marks all around the house. If you find some, you can easily tell for how long the rodent has been here by just looking at them. If the gnawing is rough, the intruder hasn't been for a long time in the property, but if they are smooth, you've been living with it for quite some time.

#3. Footprints

This is usually not so easy noticeable, but if the rodents have walked through some mud before they walked into your house, it's absolutely possible that you notice some footprints on your floor. If the front prints have four toes and the back ones – five, you can say without any doubt that you have rodents in your home.

#4. You hear them

If you can hear scratching noises or little footsteps late at night while you're in bed, it's a certain sign that you have rodents in the house. This is because during the day they hide from the well lit parts of the home, but at night they feel free to do whatever they want.

#5. Urine/Droppings

Like every living being, the rodents also leave faeces after them. If you find some suspiciously looking droppings on your floor or furniture, it's almost sure that you have rodents in your home. To help you, the rodents have their own areas where they prefer to do their business. These places are usually the corners of the rooms, so you should check there first. They also void their bladders while they're running, so you can check for streaks of urine on the floor. It's usually more noticeable under ultraviolet lights.

Rodents can be very dangerous both for you and your home, so you should try to get rid of them as soon as you find out you have them. Otherwise they will multiply and will settle in the entire house, and you'll never get rid of them.

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