How Can Workflow Automation Support Your Content Marketing?

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If you are a content marketer but have not embraced workflow automation, you are probably missing a lot. Typically, in the world of content marketing, workflow refers to well-defined organizational processes that every member follows to create an excellent content. When used properly, a content workflow can potentially enable content marketers to create fantastic work with relatively minimized turnaround time as well as reduced operating costs. What’s more, workflow helps to keep every team member on the same page. Having effective workflow is extremely critical, especially if you are a content marketer who frequently deals with web development, content writing and perhaps social media management. Simply put, a workflow is necessary for all creative processes which require team collaboration.

Despite its increasing popularity, a relatively larger percentage number of businesses are yet to integrate workflow automation into their daily content marketing processes. So what are the visible signs that your content marketing strategy needs workflow automation? There are a number of factors that should guide you toward determining if the workflow is the answer to your content marketing problems. Check out below for some of these signs:

  • Missed project deadlines.
  • Your team members getting annoyed as a result of consistent delays.
  • An unclear delegation of responsibilities in your organization.
  • Too many members involved in the same phase of content production.
  • Angry clients.
  • Lack of accountability and the emergence of blame game when things go wrong.


If your team is currently experiencing the above problems, it is high time you integrate workflow into your daily content marketing processes. If you are not yet convinced by the potential benefits of workflow automation, then this article is intended to help you. We are going to explain in excruciating details some of the most important reasons why workflow is what you need to take your content marketing to the next level. Peruse the article and get know.

It is great for time management.

Content marketing usually involves lots of repetitive tasks. Some of the tasks associated with content marketing include designing images, editing written content, writing drafts, brainstorming various topics, publication, and proofreading. Regardless of the number of people involved in each stage, it is very easy for one of these processes to get lost in between. However, with workflow automation, things can get done fairly easy and with minimal effort and time.

It enhances overall productivity.

This is arguably the major benefit of a workflow. Workflow not only helps to clearly define team roles but leads to time-saving which in turn, results in increased productivity. By spending relatively less time carrying out repetitive work, you’ll have more time allocated for doing more important assignments. Instead of wasting lots of time sending and replying to various emails, workers will instead focus their attention and energy on critical projects such as research. According to a particular study, businesses that use workflow automation are likely to see between eight to fifteen percent increase in production. The explanation behind this study is that workflow automation allows employees to spend their valuable time on projects they love and this translates to better productivity.

It reduces human errors incredibly.

Even in a well-established organization, it is virtually impossible to eliminate human errors. However, this does not entirely imply that those errors are irreducible. With the most powerful workflow automation tools at your disposal, you can potentially reduce the number of human-related errors in your organization. Instead of forgetting to reply to those emails and notifications, you’ll be needed to assign the tasks to a particular software and the whole gets done. This allows your team members to concentrate on what they can do best since the automated workflows can effectively the so-called repetitive tasks.

It reduces risks thanks to analytics.

Thanks to the technological improvements, some of the latest workflow automation tools cannot only perform repetitive tasks but can equally measure the expected levels of performance. For example, TruEdit is one of the best marketing enablement tools that can automate the marketing workflow. These automation tools are built with the full capabilities of digital in mind, implying that a variety of metrics can be measured and known even before the content gets published. Based on the outcome of the results of the analytics, businesses can then look for different ways of mitigating all possible risks.

Workflow automation can seem daunting, especially during the first stages of its implementation. However, with time, you’ll learn how it works and you’ll get to understand and appreciate its potential benefits. These are just some of the reasons why you should try it out, especially if you are a content marketer. 

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