How to Be A Safer Driver

How to Be A Safer Driver

Driving is a fantastic thing and many of us are lucky to be able to do so. However, it is also a huge responsibility. When you are on the road, you have a duty to not only yourself but to other drivers to be a safe and responsible driver.

So, here are a few ways that you can be a safer driver.


Take your time and be cautious

Speed limits exist as a precaution, not a challenge. It’s important that when you are driving, you are resecting the speed limits of the area where you are driving. Speeding is a serious offense and should never be done.

Speed limits differ from area to area and for different reasons, for example, on restricted roads, motorways, near schools, and in residential areas. Here are some of the common speed limits in the UK:

  • Restricted road: 30mph
  • Single carriageway: 50mph
  • Dual carriageway: 60mph
  • Motorway: 70mph
  • The built-up area near a school: 20mph
  • Stretch of road with sharp bends: 50mph


Plan ahead

It is always wise to plan your routes ahead of time where possible so that you have a clear idea of where you are going and how you are getting there. This helps ensure safer driving as it reduces the chance of confusion and the need to stop and look around.

When we are driving in unfamiliar areas, we tend to be more nervous, which can sometimes lead to collisions if we are hesitant or panicked when driving. Planning your route ahead of time and getting familiar with it will help reduce this worry and anxiety.


Keep your car safe and functional

Keeping on top of your car’s maintenance and ensuring you have functional safety features is highly recommended, even if there is nothing visibly wrong with your car. By law, you are required to keep your MOT up to date. However, there are other things you can do.

  • Check your tire pressure and quality
  • Make sure all of your lights are working
  • Check the brakes and make sure your Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) is working properly
  • Top up your oil
  • Make sure your immobiliser is working properly
  • Test your reversing and proximity sensors to ensure you have clear video and audio
  • Make sure your seatbelt warnings are working
  • If you notice any problems with your car, it is important that you get these looked at and address them as soon as possible to keep yourself and others safe.


Don’t get distracted

It’s important that you do everything you can to avoid being distracted when you’re driving as this can be extremely dangerous. Distractions can be caused by many things, such as texting or calling while driving, eating or drinking, listening to loud music, conversing (talking, joking, arguing, etc.) with other passengers or other passengers acting up while you’re driving.

Distractions such as these take your attention away from driving which often causes accidents such as collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians. You should ensure that you are removing distractions from our car and not carrying any passengers who may cause you distractions.


Check your sight

Your sight is imperative to your driving, so it’s important that you are not driving while visually impaired. If you are in control of the vehicle, then it’s your responsibility to be paying attention to the road at all times, and this requires you are watching the road at all times and are able to do so clearly.

You must be able to clearly see road signs both up close and from a distance as well as pedestrians and other vehicles. If your vision is impaired, it is possible you could lose your license as you are more likely to be involved in a road crash.

Whether you are a new driver or a seasoned one, it’s still important that you are safe and careful when driving. Use these tips in this article to ensure you are a safe driver.

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