How To Ask Questions To Tarot Cards To Get Clear Answers?

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When you first start reading tarot cards for yourself, it can be overwhelming. Whether you felt a calling or simply had an interest, picking up a tarot deck and beginning to read can be both exciting and daunting. It can be difficult to know which questions to ask and what to do if you receive a negative or confusing response. However, the cards will make themselves known to you and provide answers when you ask questions. It is important to remember that sometimes these answers may challenge your understanding, disappoint you, and leave you confused. To clarify the received tarot predictions, you should use the services of the nebula website, where experienced specialists are ready to help.

But remember, the quality of the questions you ask will determine the quality of the answers you receive.

To receive guidance, it is important to ask questions that allow your intuition to guide you rather than relying on your conscious mind to quickly find an answer. Asking simple yes or no questions may also restrict the answers you can obtain. It is easy to become overly focused on our desired outcome and interpret the cards accordingly. For instance, asking the cards, "Is this person my soulmate?" could lead to confusion or being overly attached to a particular answer. Instead, a more effective approach would be to ask, "What am I currently learning from this relationship?" This will provide clearer guidance and offer insights into new possibilities.

There will be occasions when we are too emotionally involved in a situation to effectively read the cards for ourselves. In such instances, is better to seek out a professional reader.

Questions to Ask About Love

What knowledge does the universe want to impart regarding my growth in loving others?

You have an unlimited ability to feel love. Love is an endless source, and you don't have to chase after it or negotiate for it. During your spiritual way, you may continuously increase your ability to love. Often, the most devastating circumstances can broaden our ability to love. 

What obstacles or difficulties am I conquering as I strive to have more love in my life?

When we experience a feeling of being stuck, it is usually because there is something that we are unable or reluctant to confront. Requesting guidance from tarot cards to uncover obstacles and difficulties can bring about a change in our perspective. This can indicate an area in our lives, where we have the potential to grow and progress. When we ask this question, we should expect that something will be revealed to us, often leading to a moment of realization.

Questions to Ask For Beginners

What should be the target of my attention for today?

Incorporating this question into your morning routine is a great idea, especially if you pull out one or two cards to start your day. Your intention is the most powerful tool you have in making changes in your life. What you choose to focus on will grow and impact how you perceive the world. Intentions can shift your focus and alter your thoughts. Your thoughts, in turn, can change your emotions and actions. At times, we may not be aware of the intention and focus that would serve us best. 

What knowledge should I have about my mind, body, and spirit?

It is better to choose three cards for this simple spread. Take a moment to relax and cleanse your energy. Shuffle your deck and place three cards face up in front of you. The initial card signifies your thoughts, the next card signifies your physical state, and the third card signifies your inner self. This can provide insight into how your thoughts impact you. Your physical state isn't solely about your health but also reflects your emotional well-being. Pay attention to any unexpected or confirming findings. Your inner self represents your connection to the divine and your aspirations. If your soul yearns for something or feels confined by your circumstances, it will be revealed in the spirit card.

What has the greatest impact on me from my previous experiences, current situation, and what lies ahead?

This is similar to the mind, body, and spirit spread, but in this case, you will draw three cards to represent the past, present, and future. Our past experiences and current circumstances greatly influence how we perceive the world. The past card can offer insights into how our previous experiences are affecting us. The present card may confirm or surprise us, shedding light on things we may not have considered before. It is important to approach future energy strategically. And if questions still arise and you are not sure how to reveal the answers to the cards, it is better to talk to a psychic, who can also give advice.

Questions to Ask About Life

Contemplating the purpose of your life can feel intimidating. When you pose this query, ponder how you could uncover a more profound significance in your existence. Keep in mind that the responses may not immediately resonate with you. By seeking guidance on the next steps in your way instead of focusing solely on the ultimate destination, you can maintain a balanced viewpoint.

What kind of adventure can I include in the narrative of my life?

When you're feeling restless or bored, it's a good idea to ask yourself this question. These emotions may be a sign that you need to step out of your comfort zone and try something different. Allow the cards to inspire and guide you towards new adventures. This doesn't necessarily mean completely disrupting your life, but rather making small changes like pursuing a new hobby, interest, or curiosity. These changes can help overcome obstacles and bring back a sense of balance in your life.

What am I going through at this stage of my life's journey?

All the knowledge and insight from every past and future version of yourself resides within your soul. Your soul's purpose is to lead you and enable you to fulfill your potential in this lifetime. It is important to pay attention to the cards you pull when seeking answers. If your soul feels disconnected from the events occurring in your life, that is significant information. Once aware, you can make adjustments that will benefit and aid you.


Your tarot deck is an intuitive instrument. Your cards reflect your energy, and the answers you receive will correspond to your life and current situation. If you are facing a challenging period, it can be helpful to pause from reading for yourself and use free psychic reading online with skilled advisors. 

The tarot not only reflects our energy but also guides us towards a better path if we are open to it. We always have choices that can uplift us. Keep in mind that you are in control of your life and can make decisions that empower you the most.

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