Honeymoon in SE Asia? 5 Places To Spark Your Inspiration

Honeymoon in SE Asia

A honeymoon is the beginning of a new life which you will share with the person you love for the rest of your life. It is the first step into a ‛happily ever after’ with your prince on a white horse. Although you’re now a princess and a prince in your own kingdom of marriage, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on your honeymoon. The destination is always more important than the cost. Since this is the first trip of you two as a couple, it will set the ‛mood’ for the later years. That’s why you need to make it special, almost fairy-tale like. And there are no fairy-tale destinations like in South East Asia, where everything seems like a beginning of a beautiful dream. Here are some places that can open the door to your own ‛happily ever after’.

1. A Quiet place for Lovers

If you’re looking for a quiet and isolated place where you can get back to nature, then Koh Kong in Cambodia is a perfect place for you. This is a place with little visitors which is proven by the fact that you can spot wild elephants strolling across the Cardamom Mountains. Reefs consisting of colorful corals along the coast will surely transport you to the realm of dreams and numerous small deserted beaches will provide an ideal quiet place for lovers. And if you decide that you want a few days with other people or some luxury, you can always visit Song Saa Private Island resort with a private jet after just thirty-minute speedboat ride.

2. Gold-tipped temples of spirituality

If you’re looking for a journey that will leave inner traces on both of you, that will connect you even more in a spiritual way, you should certainly go for Luang Prabang in Laos. This destination which deserves its name ‛pearl of the Orient’ is well-known for its numerous gold-tipped and jeweled temples, waiting to be explored. This is a spiritual capital of the country with a very long tradition, which is proven by the monks who walk the streets in at sunrise in their ochre gowns and gather donations of rice, following an age-old tradition. And if you wish to return to the ‛realm of real world’, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has to offer much interesting sightseeing with its mixture of traditional Laotian holy buildings and French colonial architecture. All that is spiced with very interesting local customs and idyllic riverside setting.

3. A paradise lost

Besides its magnificent vast rice fields and dream-like coral reefs, Indonesian Bali’s most popular attraction is elephants safari, where you can really feel one with nature. Similar to Cambodian Koh Kong, in Bali, there is a hidden gem called Ubud, located in a very center, which looks like a paradise lost. In this destination far from the pollution, noise and the crowd, you can choose a private home stay with ultimate quality time with your partner. But this place practically has everything - a hint of spirituality can be found in the famous Tirta Empul Temple, and beach town Kuta is perfect for romantic evenings.

4. Along the white-sand beaches

There is a great number of reasons why Thailand is the most famous honeymoon destination in South East Asia. It is a destination that has something for everyone, from its famous temples, through various enchanting festivals, to night markets with a wide offer of seafood you’ve never even seen before. If you’re into water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving, you’ll find everything you’ve dreamed of at Ko Phi Phi, the paradise for water sports. If you’re more of a rock climbing type, Krabi can offer you a range of those activities with trekking trails that will leave you breathless. The variety of amazing hotel deals and routes is so vast that you can easily get lost following the white-sand trails of its beaches, so it would be helpful to consult experienced travelers or trustworthy locals in order to plan the best possible route for the ultimate experience.

5. A natural sauna

If you are a tropical kind of person and you really like high temperatures, Philippines will be your paradise. With a great number of hot and sunny beaches, you will feel like in a natural sauna. Besides the very hot weather, this destination will provide you with many opportunities to dive into the sea, along with activities as island hopping, scuba diving, and snorkeling. For the perfect end of the day there is a wide range of local and fresh seafood. Just try to avoid going there between August and October due to a typhoon season.

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