Homeowners Do’s and Don’ts to Heat Pumps Guide

Homeowners Do’s and Don’ts to Heat Pumps Guide

Every day has a slight chance of getting very cold. You will heat your home, as usual, to get rid of the cold feeling. You have many options to choose from, but what can be the best for you? Heat pump systems can be a good option, but do you know what its potential and disadvantages are? This article will help you understand about the Do’s and Don’ts to heat pumps.

DO-Check Correct AC Maintenance

Knowing the right configuration and maintenance for your air conditioning unit will not only allow you to save electric bills but also increase the lifespan of your unit since buying another one can be a big pain in your wallet. These steps and practices in protecting and securing your AC units are working can make a big difference in having failures and deterioration of your current unit.

DO-Monitor the Thermostat

An appropriate and perfectly working thermostat is necessary for correct home air conditioning. Digital thermostats are a must for investments for your home. When broken, analog thermostats will completely confuse the air-conditioning system, thus making it impractical to have one. It is necessary to check up your thermostat every start of every season. Also, never leave your thermostat on all the time.

The homeowner should avoid setting the thermostat setting to coolest. Indoor temperature settings will help you in getting the right number for coolness in your house.

DO-Regularly Clean your AC Units

Before every start of the hot season, you need to get your AC checked and cleaned by a professional. It is recommendable to ask help for a professional instead of doing the work yourself. Those technicians have the knowledge and experience to do that job. It is not an easy job for homeowners. The AC units need to be given attention by a professional to clean the panel doors, coils, filters and other areas of the unit for cleaner and better air quality. It needed to be clean thoroughly outside and some parts on the inside. A poorly cleaned AC unit can decrease the quality of your indoor air. It can also cause allergies, irritations, and other disorders that can greatly affect your family. It is better to avoid this than to cost you a lot for medication.

DO-Manage your Refrigerant Levels

You need to get your refrigerant levels cleaned and regulated yearly for maintaining of your unit. An incorrect refrigerant level can easily damage your AC’s compressor or its heart. No air will flow through the unit if the compressor is defective. Also, electricity bills will become higher, and efficiency levels of the air quality will decrease.


Clean the surroundings of your unit, get rid of the weeds and other possible distractions around the unit. Insects and birds also are potential problems when they build their nest around your unit, ensure that you need to eliminate those obstructions.

Also, your air filter should be clean all the time. Never leave it dirty for a prolonged time. To avoid this, you can schedule a regular cleaning day for clearing and throw away of filters.

Lastly, make sure you tamper the electrical wiring of the AC unit and other wirings. You would rather get help from a professional to do this job for you to make your unit a safe one.

Calling a Professional

It is good that you can fix issues yourself, but it’s better to do a regular checkup of your unit by a professional at least once a year. They can help you ensure that your AC is well-working. A technician will help you clean and check your unit’s ducts, coils, filters, and blower, and ensure that it has no hindrance from working well. Leaks will also be checked by the professional. Next, he will measure the refrigerant levels and look if it is still on its regular and healthy level. Lastly, your technician will check on your thermostat to make sure it is working properly.

Correctly maintaining your heat pump will give you more benefits rather than suffer its repercussions when it breaks down. Keeping your heat pump in tip-top shape helps in prolonging its lifespan and keeps the air quality better for longer.

Remember that it’s alright to seek help for an expert in heat pumps especially for the technical cleaning or repairing jobs for you may do more harm than good. Schedule at least a yearly professional maintenance apart from your regular cleaning, and you’ll be good to go.

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