The History, Origins, and Traditions of Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings, and Men’s Wedding Bands

Wedding Rings

You may be engaged or about to get married, but do you know why we exchange rings? What are the traditions behind wedding rings? Have you informed about its significance? These are some common questions to be answered to clear doubts that people generally have and to aware you about the history and traditions of wedding rings. The exchange of rings between a couple is the most exciting and special occasion of a wedding ceremony. A stunning engagement ring represents devotion, dedication, commitment, above all, love.

If you’ve ever wondered about the why and how the tradition of wedding rings or engagement rings came alive and when it has actually started, read on.

Wedding Rings History, Origin and More!

Rings have a great importance, there are so many wedding traditions that have been around for centuries. But engagement rings exchanging is the oldest and most popular marital ritual & a number of stories are connected to this tradition. 

During the prehistoric times, it is believed that the grooms would tie grass, twigs or rushes to the brides to their ankles or wrists so to promise commitment, this way of showing love was to protect her soul from escaping. With time passes by, we have seen a change from the grass to the rope, to leather, and eventually to the metals like gold, silver, platinum, etc. 

It is believed that ancient Egyptians treat the wedding ring as a symbol of love, and they were the first to use the shape of a circle that has no beginning or end, and called it a symbol of eternity, also means forever.

In this story, Romans were the ones who placed a ring on the third finger and called it, Vena Amoris, a Latin term for ‘Vein of love’. As it is believed that it ran directly from the heart to the top of this finger.

Engagement Rings

You should know from where the Diamond Engagement Rings tradition came from, the first known diamond ring was given by the Archduke of Hammond, in the year 1477. This has stimulated people to buy the rarest and girl’s most favorite Diamond Rings. Diamonds have unique characteristics, it is the most exquisite, everlasting and sparkling stones found on the mother earth. Ancient Greeks believed that the diamonds were tears of the god's and splinters of fallen stars.

Astrologers have a belief that diamonds are an expression of lasting love, and protects against nightmares and negative energies.  

Men’s Wedding Bands

Dual ring ceremonies were introduced by the Greek Orthodox Church in the 1300’s, in this ritual, both bride and groom wear a ring. In America, it wasn’t until World War II, that men started wearing Wedding Bands to show their love and affection, and to remind them of their wives being back home. Earlier there were limited choices, but now from simple to unique, there is a huge variety of choices available for men’s too.

Most Engagement Rings we find today are inspired by the history, ring styles are unlimited, vintage to modern, you can pick from a huge range. Some popular Wedding Bands are easily available online for both men and women. Whether you’re looking for a weddings ring or other special ring, hope you’re now well informed about the history of different rings.There are a variety of rings that you can order online on great deals or discounts, displaying alluring diamond, beautiful gemstones like ruby, emeralds, blue sapphires or other precious stones. These styles can be found in multiple metals such as gold, silver, white gold, platinum, and many other options.


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