Helpful Guidelines to Fix “0x80070035” Windows Error

You can easily transfer multiple numbers of data files with many computers on the same network with the help of networking. If you are using more than two computers on your home network and want to share data between all the devices, then you can do it easily with the help of appropriate networking. It is a very simple and easy way to transfer data files among multiple computers. However, if you receive any error while transferring the data files, then it is very difficult to find out the cause of the problem. The “0x80070035 network path not found” error message is one of those errors that you might face any point of time while transferring your important the data files. Read the below article to know more about this error and learn the advanced troubleshooting steps to fix the same.

Causes of the Problem

The network is not found error mostly occurs due to incorrect registry entries, accidental deletion of important files, and incorrect settings of Windows files. However, there are many potential causes, and a few of them are as follows:

1.    Windows will show you the error if your Windows Firewall is not properly configured.

2.    Windows might show you the error if your network sharing files are not working correctly or missing.

3.    You might face the problem if all your systems are not communicating properly with each other.

4.    Inappropriate internet connection between the networks devices will lead to the problem.

5.    If there is a problem with ‘IP’ address of the computers on the same network, then you might face the problem.

6.    Windows will show you the problem if there is any issue with registry files.

Troubleshooting network related issues is not an easy task. You can fix the network issues on own your own if you have a very good networking knowledge. Otherwise, you should call computer support companies for online technical support to fix such a complex networking issues.


Troubleshoot Method One:

You might face the problem if your antivirus software is not working properly with your network connection or your Windows Firewall settings has got changed due to virus or infections. You can reset your Windows Firewall settings to default and disable the antivirus software on a temporary basis and check whether the network error problem got fixed or not.

Read the below instructions for the same:

A)    Turn off the security software

1.    Start your system.

2    Login from your ‘Administrator’ account.

2.    Go to the ‘Start menu.’

3.    Click the ‘Control panel.’

4.    Click on the ‘Security.’

5.    Then, click ‘Security Center.’

6.    Click the ‘Malware Protection’ tab.

7.     Antivirus software will get listed under ‘Virus protection’ tab.

Turn off the antivirus software on your own or you can call online computer support companies if you are facing any difficulty for the same.

B)    Reset the Windows Firewall settings to the default

1.    Click the ‘Start’ button.

2.    Go to the ‘Control Panel.’

3.    Click on ‘Security.’

4.    Then click ‘Firewall.’

5.    Press the ‘Turn Windows Firewall on or off’ option.  

6.    Choose the option ‘Off (not recommended).’

7.    Click ‘OK.’

Troubleshooting Method Two:

You might face the “0x80070035” error if the ‘NetBIOS’ over ‘TCP IP’ is not active in Windows Vista. It is very difficult to troubleshoot network not found error. If you are new to the networking then, it is better to call online technical support companies for help. Any minor mistake can affect your complete network settings and might lead to an irreparable situation. If you want to fix the network issue on your own, then read the following guidelines.

1.    Click the ‘Start’ button.

2.     Type ‘NCPA.CPL’ in the prime search box.

3.    Hit ‘Enter.’

4.   Then right-click on the local connection.

5.    Click ‘Properties.’

6.     Click on ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).’

7.    Click ‘Properties.’

8.   Then click ‘Advanced’ in the open window.

9.    Select ‘Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP’ on the ’WINS’ tab.

10.    Hit ‘OK’ to save settings.

Troubleshoot Method Three: System Restore

If you are unable to fix the problem with above mentioned guidelines then, it might be possible that your Windows settings are not working properly or might have got changed due to recent updates in Windows applications. System restore will help you to undo all the recent changes that you have made on your machine before facing this problem.

1.    Start your machine.

2.    Log in from your ‘Administrator’ account.

3.    Click the ‘Start button.’

4.    Type ‘System Restore’ in the ‘Search’ box.

5.     A dialog box will appear on the screen.

6.    Click 'Continue.'

7.    Windows will show you a few options, and you need to select ‘Choose a different Restore Point.’

7.    Now you will show you the list of restore points.

8.     Choose a restore point.

9.     Click 'Next.'

10.    Click ’Yes’ to continue.

Restart your computer after complete restoration and check, whether the problem got fixed or not. If you are facing the same problem again then, there might be a problem with your Windows internal applications or services and your system might require advanced troubleshooting by professional engineers. In this situation, you can call online technical support firms for prompt tech support.


There are multiple reasons for “0x80070035 the network path not found error.” You might face the problem due to improper maintenance of the computer, inappropriate Windows Firewall settings, incorrect registry files or many more. If you are unable to fix the issue with above mentioned guidelines, then it’s advisable to call any reputed tech support firm who provide support on networking issues.

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