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You might have heard a saying “The hooves make the horse”. Well, it is true. For your horse’s wellbeing, it is very important to include hoof care in your horse’s regular grooming schedule. Remember that unhealthy hooves can develop different health issues in your horse, such as clubfoot. But with good care, you can prevent such issues. It is not a big deal to keep the hooves healthy when you have the right types of tasps. However, here are some useful tips that will help you in hoof care. 

1. Understand the harmful hoof of your horse

It will be good for you to know about the beginning point of the hooves to know when something is wrong. Touch it and feel the temperature. If the temperature is a little warm, it means you probably have a healthy horse.

Identify the pulse by gently pressing the two fingers against the rear to understand the pulse strength. Now check the frog. If it has the firmness and texture of an eraser, then it is considered healthy. Regularly clean the hooves to keep them healthy. 

2. Go for regular trimming

There was a time when people used to take their horse to a blacksmith and farrier to trim the hooves. But now you can do it at home. All you need are coarse and fine radius rasps which are perfect for this work. Well, the normal trimming period is 7 to 8 weeks, but it completely depends on the growth rate.

During summer, the hooves need more trimming. However, if you find any cracks, then it will be best to consult a professional farrier. They make sure that the hooves are in perfect balance. Besides, they ensure the integrity of hooves’ structural components. 

3. Proper nutrition can help to prevent hoof issues

When it comes to maintaining a healthy hoof, you can’t ignore proper nutrition. Well, some horses come with naturally healthier hooves. But with a proper diet and adequate nutrition, you can help them to grow the healthiest possible hooves. Green pasture is considered as a perfect meal that includes all the required vitamins, minerals, and protein. Make sure your horse is getting fresh and clean water. It is always good to consult a vet to get advice. 

4. Understand the turn out options

During summer, the horses remain susceptible to dew pastures during the night and flies during the day. Grass accumulates moisture at night, and that can soften the hooves. During the day, the flies will make the horses stomp. Such fluctuation makes the hooves vulnerable to splitting and cracks. So, you need to lower the turn out time, and you can give enough time to hooves to recover. Try not to use the horse in muddy footing. Such footing can lead to thrush, common hoof infection.

5. Take care of regular exercise

For healthy hooves, regular exercise is important. Exercise promotes better health and supports the hooves' condition by improving blood circulation. Offer a plain surface tort and walk. Don’t forget to take your horse out frequently.  

6. Keep the hooves protected during the transport

Be sure to cover the horse’s hooves during transportation. While pulling, or hauling, the horse may step on the shoe edge.

You must protect your horse from stepping on nails or other sharp objects. You should always use travel shoes or bell shoes to keep your horse’s hooves safe. So, these are a few useful tips to keep your horse hooves healthy. However, the most important thing is the regular trimming of hooves. For that, always use the best quality coarse and fine radius rasps to enjoy smooth one-handed trimming of the horse hooves. 

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