The Guide To Choosing Curtains & Drapes For Home Decoration

The Guide To Choosing Curtains & Drapes For Home Decoration

Decorating or renovating the windows in your house can be an overwhelming process. Curtains are one element of home décor that are crucial pieces to add drama and texture to your space. Window decorations with curtains are all about the fabric, colour, texture, print, length, and lining of the curtains. What you’ve also got to consider is the amount of lighting and privacy that your curtains will bestow you with. 
Hence, the guide to choosing curtains for home decoration needs to be wise. Light and breezy fabrics to ornate and embellished ones, opaqueness or semi-transparent, there are myriad options to choose from. 
Set right this intimidating task with easy steps where you focus one by one on each of the below-listed elements that we have talked about for achieving that quintessential home décor look-
Fabric choice is a key element because it determines things like the amount of sunlight entering the room or the privacy inside. Fabrics vary from sheer laces to lightweight cotton and linen and for the heavier fabrics, we have silk, suede, tweed, brocade, and velvets. 
Pick a fabric only after considering these-
- If you’re aiming for a sunny vibe for your space, lightweight fabrics will be an ideal pick, but, they offer only little privacy. However, they create an airy and breezy vibe and are suited for minimalistic decor. 
- Heavier fabrics block out the sunlight and lend a formal and sophisticated look to the space. 
- Heavier and light fabrics both create a different visual texture when pleated together and when pulled back. Different fabrics also have a different fall from the curtain rod and thus you must see what look it creates all in all. 
Before investing in curtain fabric, you must carefully analyse your fabric care methods. Decide on whether you're going to buy dry-clean only or washer machine friendly curtains as it will save you a great deal of time and money in the long run. 
If you’re washing your ‘dry-clean only’ curtains or vice-versa, you’re ruining your curtain’s fabric quality and additionally your time and money. 
The colour of your curtains must play well with the other furnishing in the room and also with the walls. Curtains can be chosen in a colour that matches with the furnishings in the room or perhaps a careful contrast that overall lends a subtle look. Playing contrast can sometimes be tricky and hence careful attention must be paid to this.
Both colour coordination and colour contrast have their own pros. Colour coordination of the curtains with the furnishings lends a subtle, soft and managed look to the space whereas a contrast can bring attention to the curtains in particular. Make a careful pick here.
Coming to the prints of the curtains, you can opt for printed curtains or ones in a solid colour or self-texture. Prints and solids also depend on the overall furnishings in the room. If furnishings in the room are of a solid color, then it is a great idea to choose printed curtains to add texture and drama to the space. The vice-versa of this is an equally great idea too because, in a room full of textures and prints, subtle curtains can tone down the colour and visual play.
Experimentation with geometric, floral, chevrons, embroidered prints etc. could be done. 
Other than these mentioned elements, you must also focus on ‘Length’, ‘Lining’, and ‘Trims & Accessories’ for curtains. Length is all about determining how long you want your curtains to fall downwards from the elevation – floor level, touching the floor, above the floor and touching the window sill for smaller windows. Lining here is all about adding a protective layer to your curtains to save them from direct sunlight and thereby extending their life. 
We’ve guided you on the key elements on how to choose curtains for your home decor for you to achieve that ultimate look for your space.

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