Gas Chromatography and Its Virtues

Gas Chromatography, Benefits of Using Gas Chromatography

Gas chromatography is a kind of chromatography. Chromatography has two phases, one phase is flowing Phase, the other phase is the stationary phase. The different combinations of these phases give us the different kinds of chromatography. If the liquid is used as the mobile phase then the chromatography is called as the liquid chromatography, and with the gas as the mobile phase, called gas chromatography. The gas chromatographic method used by the fixed phase is different, can be divided into two kinds, with solid adsorbent as stationary phase called gas-solid chromatography, with a fixed liquid monomer as a stationary phase called gas chromatography.

According to the principle of chromatographic separation, gas chromatography can be divided into two kinds i.e. absorption chromatography and distribution chromatography. In gas-solid chromatography, the stationary phase is adsorbent, gas-solid chromatography belongs to adsorption chromatography, and gas-liquid chromatography belongs to distribution chromatography.

According to the chromatographic operation to the point, the gas chromatographic column chromatography, according to the different columns used in different thickness, can be divided into two types of general column and capillary column. A generally packed column is the fixed phase in a glass or metal tube, the tube diameter of 2 to 6 mm. A capillary column can be divided into a hollow capillary column and filled with capillary column two. Hollow capillary column is the fixed liquid directly coated in the inner diameter of only 0.1 to 0.5 mm glass or metal capillary wall, filling the capillary column was developed in recent years, it is some of the porous solid particles into the thick wall Glass tube, and then heated into a capillary, usually diameter 0.25 ~ 0.5 mm.

Have a look at the advantages of the gas chromatography:

  • Gas chromatography has the ability to resolve the components of mixtures of compounds in a single sample. It has a higher degree of resolution.
  • With gas chromatography, you get the freedom to control operational parameters such as the carrier gas flow rate, temperature programming, and adjustment of split ratios and so on. It is an undue advantage over the TLC techniques.
  • It is very easy to change the operational parameters during the chromatographic analysis as well so as to achieve an optimum resolution in the shortest possible time.
  • The gas chromatography technique is fully quantitative with software having capability of providing accurate data such as peak area of counts for the estimations.
  • Gas chromatography has higher sensitivity. Gas chromatography offers detectors that offer low limits for specific components.
  • Gas chromatography has better normalization, peak and baseline optimization leading to improvements and replacing the results in real time.
  • There is a wide range of columns available for carrying out gas chromatography. GC columns are divided on the basis of diameters and lengths.
  • Gas chromatography offers a large variety of columns which are non-destructive in nature. 
  • You can derive original compounds from a mixture using gas chromatography.
  • Gas chromatography columns can be reused. The columns may require reconditioning and nourishment but they can be reused which saves a lot of cost and time.
  • Chromatographic techniques are generally used in the quality control of solvents and pesticides and for the study of the levels of contamination caused by their use.

Following are the advantages of Gas column chromatography. Gas chromatography is very much advantageous in today’s time.


Chromatographic techniques alone are not capable of providing an unambiguous identification of a particular compound and confirmation by specific techniques such as mass spectrometry is often mandatory.

In addition, we must emphasize that there is no single method of analysis; in forensic studies, many times a classical technique is adequate enough and does not always require sophisticated instrumentation.

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