Four Texan Successful People Who Suffered from Parents‘ Divorce


Everybody is suffering from the divorce case, especially children who love both parents and do not want to lose one of them after the divorce process. There is a huge number of different occasions when children could not endure the divorce of their parents and committed a suicide or became drinkers because of the great misunderstanding with their divorced parents. However, today we will speak about several Texan whose parents divorced when they were little, but they could survive and became truly recognized personalities despite all the troubles in their lives. In 2018 the online divorce service that is considered to be one of the most popular services in its sphere not only in Texas but also in the whole world, has conducted a research thanks to which we can make several conclusions about the children after their parents’ divorce right now.

1. Kathy Baker

The famous Texan actress was born in the full family, however, in some time her father left the family with no money and went to live with another woman that is currently known as his second wife. Kathy and her mother did their best to survive and not to be broke. Rachel, mother of Kathy was working 24/7 to feed her daughter and her younger son, Bobby. She was working as a cleaner, a house worker, a driver, etc. She was able to find any position to be able to provide her children with everything appropriate. When Kathy was 13 she also began to help her mother to clean cabinets, cook cookies in order to sell them. etc. Her first role was given to her when she was 15, since that time she has played dozens of various roles and is popular enough to say that she could become successful in spite of her pitiful childhood.

2. Ben Hogan

Who could expect that the famous golfer also comes from a divorced family? He looks so independent and free right now but when he was 7, his parents got divorced. Firstly, he was a really naughty boy and could make his mother become crazy, although he could hold his horses and did his best to achieve something at school and university. His treatment was a sport. Golf was a sense of his life, as it is the most well-spread sport in Texas. Ben was training the whole day and almost the whole night when he became older. Nowadays, all his efforts are worth being so hard. Ben is one of the best golf players not only in the USA but also in several continents. The fields where he was training are so numerous that they are hard to count.

3. Carol Burnett

It is really difficult to be a comedian when your heart is bleeding, and you suffer from the huge pain. It happened to Carol Burnett. A serious girl was training a lot, playing football, but suddenly she had bad news, her parents were divorced when she was 16. She was rather grown up to express her feelings, however, her family was so tight that he could not even imagine that one day she could live without her mother. Her mother decided to leave the family because of various problems with money and misunderstandings with her spouse. When parents divorced, Carol was upset and could not know what to do. She found herself as a comedian in the theatre. Firstly, it was just a hobby, but in some time it became the deal of her life. Visiting comedy shows in Texas are a common entertainment, so it became a rather profitable business. Nowadays, every Texan citizen knows her plays, roles, and positive atmosphere that gives you desire to live.

4. Tommy Tune

One more child whose parents were divorced when he was little was Tommy, a good dancer, and a perfect choreographer. His parents not only divorced but also separated Tommy between each other. One part of the year he lived in one place with mother, another one he devoted to his father. The childhood was not critical, however, Tommy suffered from such a terrible situation, so when he was 10, mother gave him a lift to the dance studio. It was a beginning of the success. Tommy has won a great number of awards, he took part in the shows, dancing competitions, etc. Nowadays, Tommy makes efforts to prepare his students for the competitions and teaches his own children at his own school. He is happy that he could go further after the divorce of his parents.

To tell you the truth, you cannot be protected from the divorce of your parents, but you can and even have to build your life independently from your bad experience or the experience of your parents. You are an individual, so choose your own way of living and watch how many people could have already done it!

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Divorce is a psychologically difficult process, which is accompanied by a huge number of stressful situations, financial losses, and a huge change in the usual way of life. No wonder it brings out the worst qualities of people.

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