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Divorce Forms

Currently, online divorce is what most couples use to end their unhappy marriages. Excluding the attorneys, they find the normal process of getting a divorce which means going to court, filing divorce papers and so forth as more expensive, stressful and messy. That is why most unhappy couples rely on online divorces as the only quick and easy means of ending their marriage to save time, energy and most importantly, money. However, there are still things one must consider when he or she decides to use online divorce services. Before we look at the main details of online divorces, let’s get a brief definition of divorce papers.

What Are The Divorce Papers?

Divorce papers are sometimes called a petition for a dissolution of marriage. These divorce papers are the petitions you will use to serve your spouse. Therefore, without divorce papers, there is no way a divorce is going to commence because in every divorce case, the initial stage is filing a petition or divorce paper for the divorce. These divorce papers have all the necessary information about the marriage and also the division of property.

Getting Cheap Forms Online

If you choose to divorce your spouse using online divorce services, then you made quite a perfect choice. You can surf the internet and search for companies that offer divorce forms online. Maybe check on their websites and use the provided online divorce form to fill in all the information regarding your marriage. Some of these websites also have attorneys or paralegals to review your paperwork. The best part of using online divorce services is that you will be able to get free divorce forms online. Even though you find one that sells their online divorce forms, you will get them at cheaper rates.

Is It Permissible To File For Divorce Online?

In some states, getting divorce forms online has specific requirements. These states may require you to follow certain procedures before using online divorce services. You will have to check your state's court to see if you are permitted to purchase divorce forms online.

Other states may not allow online divorcing. That means you will have to go through the traditional way of divorcing your spouse (going to court). But if you are fortunate enough to reside in a state that permits e-filing, then you can file your divorce documents using any online divorce platform or website to further the process. Although, there will be different rules that guide the application of online divorces. These rules may vary from one county to another if filing divorce documents online are acceptable in all states. You can contact the clerk at your county to be sure that your state permits filing divorce papers online and if you intend using an attorney, he or she may still be required to use the online divorce services.

Using Online Divorce Services For Uncontested Divorces?

In an uncontested divorce, both parties have to agree to the terms and conditions regarding the marriage. What this means is that you and your spouse will have to decide on who would take care of the child after divorce, make child support payments and also how to divide the property evenly. All these would have to be agreed on without any complications. If your divorce is an uncontested one and your children are minors, you may have to get many divorce forms. Your divorce will also have to be uncontested before you can file divorce papers online.

That means you and your spouse have already agreed to the terms and conditions of the divorce. Even if you and your spouse have not agreed with all the terms, you both should at least agree with most of them. These online divorce websites can help you with your divorce if it is uncontested. They would legally prepare your divorce documents for you, and many of the high-ranked online divorce services can review the divorce papers. However, if you have a contested divorce (that is you, and your spouse does not agree to the terms and conditions of the divorce), then it is advisable to go to court.

Contested divorces require trials in court because they are complicated. When you and your spouse do not agree on the terms and conditions of the divorce, things would be more difficult. Before you take a step in filing for a divorce online, you have to make sure that your spouse is on the same page with you. That is, you and your spouse have already agreed on how to handle the divorce. Do not be quick to divorce your spouse, when you have not discussed with him or her on the matter.  It is okay to get divorce forms online and have them prepared for you by the websites. But you have to make an agreement with him or her which would be extremely difficult to change later on. Below are the common divorce problems that would need you and your spouse’s discernment;

- Child Support or Child Custody - Here emphasizes on who would take good care of the child or children after the divorce. Is it going to be you or your spouse? It is left for you both to make a decision.

- Alimony - This particular issue is quite similar to child support. Alimony deals with the financial provision to either the wife or husband after the divorce or separation. Who would be financially supporting the other after the divorce?

- Division of assets - Here deals with how the property is being shared between both of you. Who would be the one to divide the property evenly without any cheats.

If there is no agreement on these issues, then the divorce is contested which would need professional help from an attorney or by going to court. Nevertheless, you can still hire an attorney to help finalize the agreement between you and your spouse if there are still some misunderstandings on the divorce issues. You can seek help from an attorney when you and your spouse haven't decided on dividing a good number of properties or who would be taking care of the children. Once you have settled these issues, then you can file your divorce documents online.

Knowing The Right Online Divorce Website To Use

Your state may not have the proper divorce documents that you would need. In this case, you will have to use an online divorce website. Most of these online divorce platforms claim to have the right divorce forms for free. However, these claims are false. They may also offer the wrong divorce papers, saying you will have to make specific claims such as proving there was adultery and so forth. When you do not have to do that. Some of them do not even update their website with the current divorce laws. You may not know which is reliable, so finding the right online divorce services to use can be difficult.

You can search for top-rated online divorce websites and make use of them. A quality online divorce platform will let you speak with an experienced attorney, making sure you do not miss out on any information. A quality online divorce platform will also have your divorce documents reviewed by professionals so you will not have to refile another divorce form online when something goes wrong. This method would help to avoid unnecessary expenditures.

At the end of the divorce procedures, you will still be the one to file the divorce papers without the help of a third-party website. You can even have your attorney to offer professional assistance.  When you use reliable online divorce websites like government sites or top-rated divorce websites, getting divorce papers would be quick and easy. However, let’s look at getting cheap forms offline.

Getting Cheap Forms Offline

If you can't find the divorce papers online, you can go to the clerk's office at your county and make an inquiry. If they don't have it, then there is a chance that they may mail the divorce forms to you. They can also have different divorce forms for every part of the divorce processes.

The Types Of Divorce Forms You Will Need;

  • The Petition - This main document starts the process. The petition will be written by you (formally called the petitioner) and used to serve on your spouse. Then the paper will be filed in a state court in a county where your spouse lives. The petition appeals to the court, requesting a divorce.
  • The Summons - An official order from the judge served on someone to appear in court. The summons will be used to contact your spouse when you file for the divorce. An officer should contact your spouse, and he or she has to respond.
  • The Financial Affidavit - This document will state you and your spouse's liabilities, assets, income and also expenses. The financial affidavit will need you and your spouse's description of the final situations. You will have to put down every detail relating to your finances.
  • The Notice of Hearing - This prepared document will order you and your spouse to come on a given date for the hearing.
  • The Settlement Agreement - this document serves as the final legal agreement between you and your spouse for filing a divorce. When you and your spouse have settled the terms and conditions of the divorce, then you both will need to fill out this form.
  • The Divorce Decree - This is the final order of the judge, granting the termination of the marriage. The divorce decree will have the judge's signature. Hence, making the divorce official.

Remember To Keep Your Copies Of The Divorce Papers

Once you have filled out all your divorce documents, remember to make enough copies of them. Just in case you misplaced the divorce papers, you will not have to go through implications. You can copy them physically or upload them online. Keeping copies of your divorce papers is essential.

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