The Four Best Nurseries in Aberdeen

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Finding the Right Nursery in Aberdeen

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and move your family to Aberdeen. That’s a brilliant move! The Granite City is the jewel of the north sea and offers its residents many world-class facilities and services. The local populace certainly seems to think so, as it currently ranks as the third-best place to live in the country!

One of the biggest pains when moving home is finding the right school or nursery for your children. Moving can often be a challenging experience for young ones, and you don’t want to exacerbate the situation by selecting the wrong environment for them.

Not to worry, though; we’ve done the hard work and found the four best nurseries in Aberdeen, so keep on reading.

Highest-rated Nurseries in Aberdeen

44 St Swithin

Bright Horizons at 44 St Swithin has made it to the top 20 best nurseries in the UK for two years running. This early learning and childcare centre is definitely one to keep your eye on. The nursery sports a fantastic outdoor playing area with new Astro-turf flooring that makes for a safe and secure experience.

They’re no slouch when it comes to indoor fun either – they have several large and exciting play areas that feature crafting, chalking, painting, play-doh, construction, and loose parts play as well as a private corner for books and puzzles.

What’s more, the nursery has its own chef, who prepares nutritionally-balanced foods with fresh ingredients on a daily basis!

Banana Moon Day Nursery

Banana Moon Day Nursery has been consistently ranked as one of the top nurseries in Aberdeen, and it’s clear to see why. They maintain a 3:1 ratio for their under-twos and pride themselves on safety and security. They operate a biometric access system to protect children and nursery staff and feature CCTV throughout the nursery.

They’re big believers in outdoor experiences and organise daily opportunities for children to explore the natural world around them - be that in the nursery garden or a local outdoor space.

The nursery staff cooks healthy meals daily using fresh ingredients while considering individual food preferences and dietary needs.

Happitots Nursery

Another award-winning nursery, Happitots, provides a number of large age-appropriate outdoor areas, offering plenty of opportunities to get fresh air and learn in a safe and secure environment. There are also many parks, fields and beaches in the surrounding area – it’s simply tailor-made for children who love to explore!

They pride themselves on being eco-friendly and love teaching kids how to plant and grow fruits, vegetables and flowers.

What’s more, their in-house chef allows children to make their own nursery meals, allowing them to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Finally, the nursery works in partnership with the government to offer free-funded places, as well as sibling and NHS staff discounts.

The Treehouse

Another part of the Bright Horizons group and our final entry, the Treehouse Early Care and Education Centre, is a beautiful nursery onsite at Robert Gordon University. They have four different garden areas, depending on the age and development stage of the children. There’s also a mud kitchen on the premises, balance equipment, tricycles, and plenty of opportunities to play, discover and investigate the natural world. There’s also the opportunity for offsite activities and optional French lessons! C’est parfais!

What’s more, it’s close to both the train station and all local bus routes, making it an excellent location for both university staff and local and commuting parents.

After you’ve found your nursery, make sure to find your home!

While finding a nursery is an integral part of moving your life to a different city, make sure you have a home first! Check out local property experts’ listings to find your perfect family home.

So, grab your wee ones and get to packing!

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