Five Tips for Building Your Content Workflow

Build your content workflow

In a recent study, it was revealed that nearly seventy percent of companies are investing in content marketing. What’s more, thirty-nine percent of B2B content marketers are planning to produce more content as time goes. This study tends to show that content marketing is arguably the most cost-effective marketing strategy today. Despite its popularity, every content marketer out there will tell you that the whole process of content marketing is usually a hard task to accomplish. However, with the correct workflow marketing strategies at your disposal, you ’ll realize your goals effortlessly. Content creation is hard enough and unfortunately, a significant percentage of the work oftentimes doesn’t involve content creation. Instead, so much effort usually goes into ideating, researching, drafting, advertising and distributing your content.

This implies that without an effective workflow strategy, you are likely to ignore one area of your content marketing process. So today in this article, we want to discuss five proven and practical workflow and content creation tips to help you optimize projects. Take your time and get to know how to balance your work and experience a seamless marketing campaign.

5. Automate research.

Thanks to technological advancements, there is a wide range of automation tools that content marketers can use to automate their research. It is apparent that the key ingredient of every great content is research. In an ideal world, you’ll have to peruse through various sources, read the outline and outsource your content. However, do you really have to go through this outdated when you have powerful research tools? Some of the latest content research tools such as Feedly that allow you to get a glimpse of proven topic ideas at a much faster rate. Given the number of people using such software, as well as their relatively high-end functionalities that gauge both the quality and popularity of various topics, they offer an excellent way to find possible content topics and assess the types work which can potentially suit your needs.

4. Use batch processing methods to achieve more.

Typically, batching is an effective time management method which enables you to manage similar tasks from a single point. In content marketing process, there are some projects which require virtually the same processes to reach completion. To be more precise, batching refers to the allocation of time to the same projects and ensuring that no distractions are allowed to affect that type of focus. Typical of examples of such projects include writing and responding to emails, editing blog posts, moderating blog comments and more. You’ll get things done and finished much quicker by batching processing projects which are similar.

3. Use powerful project workflow tools monitor and evaluate tasks.

Content marketing is a process that involves lots of projects, ranging from research, content creation, to publishing, marketing, and distribution. Obviously, you’ll have to create different teams for content marketing strategy. The question now is, how do you supervise those teams to ensure they complete their assignments on time? Fortunately, there are numerous high-end project management tools that can help you’re your organization to complete various assignments promptly. Some of these tools include:

TruEdit: Allows you to organize and manage your workflows to support your team collaboration and content marketing.

Asana: Gives you an opportunity to track team tasks seamlessly.

2. Get to know your important resources.

Your first move is to take inventory of the essential resources which will be responsible for the execution of your campaign. Of course, the resources include your employees and money. Do you have adequate workers who will be contributing to the work? Is there a director of content marketing in your organization? Are you enlisting the services of a freelancer or an agency? Do you have sufficient funds to oversee your projects? Create a list of your available resources and how much effort and time each resource is able to contribute to your marketing campaign.

1. Take advantage of the team calendar.

The most practical way to handle your content marketing work is to create a shared editorial calendar which is accessible to all team members. This allows your team to concentrate on specific areas of the project, a phenomenon that allows them to meet the set deadlines seamlessly. Depending on the levels of tasks assigned to every member, you may need to offer each individual member different editing and visibility permissions.

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