Five Easy Ways to a Luxe-Looking Living Room


We all dream of lounging and relaxing in a comfortable and welcoming living space. At the end of the day, the living room is a welcoming sight the moment you walk in the door. As the living room is the central component of any home, it should reflect your taste and aesthetic. But how do you décor your living room with a touch of class and comfort without breaking the bank?

Here are five tips for that luxe-looking living room.


Go minimalist

Keeping the look clean and simple helps the room look spacious and luxurious. As a start, browse through some home and living magazines to get an idea of the style you prefer and also to get some home décor ideas.­­ Well-designed living spaces have that chic and sophisticated look, so pare down on your items and retain only pieces that have strong memories and history. Less is more, avoid overcrowding items on the shelves and side tables. Clever storage solutions come in handy when trying to keep your space clear of clutter. Keeping your living room beautifully bare can help you discover an oasis of calm, stylish yet luxurious.


Make your own art pieces

Every luxe living room needs an art piece as the centerpiece. Create a focal point and give your living space some wow factor by hanging a piece of art on one of your living room walls. Placing it on the wall above the sofa would be ideal as it is highly-impactful and is eye-catching. Besides looking out for art pieces at flea markets and thrift stores, you can get creative and make your own piece. Try making your very own triptych (a three-paneled art) by using your own images or just download free art. You can build a triptych here with your own unique design and create an impact. Voila, here’s your affordable yet luxe looking art piece!


Mix up different textures

With some clever layering of textures, a small living room can look and feel larger. Paint one wall with a darker color or make it a textured accent, it will create an illusion of a more spacious room. Redoing one wall is also very cost friendly. Use a mixture of metals, glass, and wood in terms of color scheme and décor items to get that clean classy look. Also, for that luxurious feel, you can use large rugs. The larger the rug area, the larger the room will feel. Rug tapping is a sneaky trick to save on cost as big rugs usually cost a fortune. So, get a hold of smaller rugs, tape them together to give an impression of a spacious classy looking area.


Utilize the original nature of the living room

Identifying and utilizing the living room’s natural conditions can help enhance the room without bursting your budget. If the living room has its own natural lighting from the rays of the sun, then let space’s best asset shine in. Complete the space with neutral colored sofas, curtains and warm lightings such as a floor lamp. To make this neutral space have its own character and style, throw in some checked black and white contrasted pillows which you can buy or sew them yourself. Place a grayish or darker metal themed side table by the seating space to add some geometric artistry.


Decorate with flowers or fruits

Placing a vase of fresh flowers or a bowl of fresh fruits in the living area will add that final luxury touch. Fresh flowers just exude beauty and brighten up any space. Bringing in these blossoms of joy and placing them in a minimalist-looking vase at the center of a table will liven up any room. Now, not only will your living room look brightened up but also smell absolutely refreshing. Just remember to change the water and flowers when they wilt. Also, there are various choices of not too costly flowers that naturally scent the space and easily adds a touch of luxe to the living room. 

As for decorating with fresh fruits, use oversized bowls and place fresh fruits to add some cheerfulness to space. The bowls can be either a signature piece made from glass or wood (depending on the theme of the rest of the room). Place the bowl of fruit on the coffee table as a feature of casual elegance. Certain fruits like lemons and oranges, placed at the center of the living room table, will light up the room and give it a fresh smell. Do remember to remove any fruit that shows any signs that it has lost its freshness.

There are many tips and tricks on how to create that luxe look for your living room. A good place to start is by going through some home and décor magazines. Also, when decorating on a budget, you can visit flea markets or go online, for example, iprice, for some price comparisons on home decorating items.

Albert Hadley once said, “There’s no point in creating something beautiful for someone who is a slob…”. The easiest and least expensive way to make a room or home look posh is to keep it cleaned. When you dust and clean regularly, plus avoid clutter, your home will shine. All your personal touches to your room or home will stand out and be noticeable, with the desired luxe effect.

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