The Five Best Cake Display Fridges

Cake Display Fridges

Usually a good visual appeal makes clients want to seize that piece of blueberry cheesecake, when they visit your bakery. They could buy abundance of other soft and creamy sweets and cakes that you sell in your bakery. In bakery business, you should keep in mind that your food should not only look good, but it should be tasty as well. By doing so you could attract more regulars and new customers.

When it comes to describing a fridge in a very simple way, we can say, it is a machine that keeps the external heat of the surroundings away for competent storage of food. For any machine to be known as a freezer, it is necessary to be capable of keeping the inside temperature of the unit underneath the freezing point. The internal temperature of such units should be maintained at 0 °F / -18 °C, which would help for freezing the contents of the fridge. We have discussed below the top five cake display fridges in the United Kingdom, which are used and preferred throughout the world by retailers, bakery owners, store owner etc.

Anvil Cake Display fridge

All frosty upright cabinets of the anvil cake display fridge have been heated from the front and upper side of the glass and then hot air is wafted onto the sides of the glass to prevent compression. This fridge consists of double glass side panels and doors. Its ambient temperature is up to 32˚C at 82% R.H. It has glowing lighting and detachable filter on its condenser for trouble-free cleaning. This fridge has digital temperature control and display. It consists of ventilated cooling system, an automatic de-frost, changeable shelves, and is approved by MEPS.

Cake Display fridge 4 Tier 1350

The model No of this fridge is DSV0830. It is heated from the front and upper side of the glass and then hot air is wafted onto the side glass for preventing condensation. This fridge consists of double glass side panels and doors. Its weight is 215kg and size is 900 x 750 x 1350 mm. Its ambient temperature is up to 32˚C at 82% R.H.

Birko Cold Cake Display Fridge

This fridge really matches with the Birko hot-food bar. Typically, the striking curved glass gives an easy view of the food contents. With a changeable temperature range up to 3 to 10 degrees, the two tier wire and amendable shelves are kept with the energy competent LED lights within the cabinet. Its outer case is made up of Stainless steel. LED lights are used for utilizing less energy and two tier changeable shelves are provided for our ease.

Belleview Chilled Cake Display Fridge

This fridge is 900 mm wide. And it is made up of ice cold squares of stainless steel food display. This fridge is available with 3 year warranty. It usually consists of three levels of display, black trim and Shelves. The Belleview chilled freezer is tripled glassy from the front side, with heated wire strands for preventing condensation. Its ambient temperature is up to 40ºC at 90% RH. Generally its compressors are made up of Danfoss or Tecumseh, have illuminated front panel, self-evaporating drainage, a digital temperature control system and read out, have a very high level of humidity, and is very easy to clean.

ICE Humidity Control Cake Display Fridge

The model of ICE humidity controlled cake display fridge is SDH0001. It consists of five display shelves. And the dimension of its shelves is 695 x 155mm. It can control humidity up to 30-80 percent. The ambient temperature of ICE is 27°c, and its temperature range is from 5°c to 10°c. This fridge is ideal for displaying cupcakes, cakes, macaroons, chocolates etc.

Use of cake tower display freezer is considered to be an excellent way to improve profitability of the store. If anyone is planning to open a bakery, then he should install one of these fridges because this is a best way of making some extra money. He could also display patties, pastries, donuts; salads, etc. in this display fridge, which will be more profitable for your bakery. With the help of cake display fridge you can make it more attractive, which will help you increase the number of sales.

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