Features of a Suitable Bathroom

Features of a Suitable Bathroom

We start our day with morning ablutions and therefore, in effect, we start our day in the bathroom.  It is critical to have at least a clean and odorless (if not fragrant) bathroom.  But, if we add a few touches such as warm colors, proper ventilation, functional basin, toilet and bathing area, you kick start your day on a high note. 

What makes an excellent restroom?  Everyone will have their definition, but generally, the following are the prerequisites of a decent restroom:

Space:  This does not mean more are but instead of decluttering the bathroom and using warm colors to give it an illusion of being spatial. 
Lights: A bathroom be well lit as, more often than not, it is not possible to have large windows. 
Ventilation: A stinking bathroom is always a big NO.
Storage space: There should be a proper space for toiletries next to the basin area and the bathing area.  Space permitted storage for towels, dirty laundry, cleaning supplies gives an added touch. 
Functionality: A bathroom has a purpose and it should be possible to meet the purpose with ease. Further, it should not be too difficult to maintain. 

A bathroom has four components: the overall room, basin area, toilet seat area and bathing area.  How do we achieve the criteria of space, lights, ventilation, storage space and functionality with respect to all the four components?

Whole bathroom: To give a bathroom a spacious look, it is best to use warm colors for flooring and tiles for walls.  The flooring should use skid-resistant material but it should be cleaned regularly as it is prone to biological growth.  The tiles for walls can be polished so that it does not accumulate water.  If the bathroom is big it is best to have at least three ceiling lights to focus on each area.  As regards, ventilation, most of the restroom can only accommodate a small window with an exhaust fan and so it can be compliment with dehumidifiers and bathroom fresheners.  Further, there should be space for a laundry basket and hooks for hanging used clothes. 

Basin Area:  There is a variety of basins available, but it should be chosen as per the general look of the bathroom and the space available, while not forgetting that it should be easy to clean. The taps should have both hot and cold options and should be high enough for easy usage.  There should be a cabinet under the basin preferable made of waterproof material.  This cabinet covers all the pipes underneath to give a clean look to the room and as such can be used for storing cleaning supplies.  The basin area should have a mirror which should be as large as possible and should be well lit to facilitate shaving or to wear make-up.  Further, space should allow decent space for storage and access to toiletries, such as hand wash, toothbrushes, paste, shaving tools, etc. 

Toilet seat area: The most important aspect here is to have a comfortable toilet seat and easy access to toilet paper.   To keep the stench away, it is best to keep dehumidifiers or bathroom fresheners in this area.  To give an extra touch have a little space to keep newspapers/ magazines or gadgets. 

Bath area: It is best to use wall-mounted shower towers/ faucets as they take lesser space than others.  There is a range of faucets available and is best to buy according to the budget and after thinking deep as how many functionalities of the faucet will be used.  Installing a bathtub is another critical decision and depends on space available and individual preference.  Further, there should be a cabinet in the vicinity to have easy access to toiletries while taking a shower.   Appropriate measures should be taken to ensure that the water does not spread to the rest of the bathroom. 

Accessorize the bathroom:  Last but not the least, the bathroom should be accessorized using shower curtains, mats, soap dish, a holder for toiletries, etc.

While renovating a bathroom, it is critical to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality as too much emphasis on either will not yield us the desired result and give us a perfect bathroom.  

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