Features of an On-Demand Courier Delivery App

Courier Delivery App Development

The growing competition in eCommerce surges the requirement for complemented services.  Courier services and logistic delivery services are prominently supporting services of eCommerce. For transporting the inventory from one place to another, logistic services are used. Along with logistics software development, it is also necessary to justify the delivery challenges. Ecommerce service providers often use third-party courier services, which ensure the product delivery at the right time.  

Courier delivery services are utilized by different kinds of users, which gave it a great set of growth. The strong need for courier service app development is invited by a huge marketing demand. The courier service app delivers relentless service for the whole day, which make it most upbeat service, also offering customer’s luxury to order items right at their doors.


Type of Courier Delivery Services

For having courier delivery app development services, it is good to choose the model you want to work with.  For building a courier, here are some famous business models:

1. Postal and Courier Services

Some companies work in the market with mobile apps and leverage the full advantage of the business model. Big players such as FedEx use mobile apps to marketize and manage the services. FedEx also has a separate app for same-day courier delivery, whereas another competitor offers a fully-featured customer and admin panel. Users can create shipments along with the print of package labels.

2. Package Tracking Aggregators

All carriers are aggregated at one point. Users can check all the courier service providers and different delivery orders over a single place. These aggregators use a single app for managing the data of all service providers. Customers can add orders or check the orders with ID. Moreover, a user is updated with the push notification, for the courier delivery status.

3. Branded Delivery and Integrated Solutions

Many reputed brands use this business model, where they let a user send the parcel and check the details over the app. Users can check whether the parcel is ready, dispatched, shipped, or delivered. The biggest advantage of this model is the stepwise update to customers. Gradually building brands also find such apps competitively profitable for end customers and business growth.

4. Uber-like Marketplace for Parcel Delivery

Here you can enjoy the uber model of courier delivery. For investors, it is an amazing model to hire mobile app developers. Uber model provides the service on demand and is a marketplace, all small companies can provide their service over the same platform. This is an amazing platform, where customers can book the shipping, track shipment, and get the update of the whole process. Also, the delivery providers are verified and trusted.

Courier service app development automates the task where customers can easily track the shipment. The user can track the whole process, in real-time. The logistic industry is rising at 17% per annum and it is expected to grow more in the coming year. Entrepreneurs find logistic app development a profitable project to work upon. For such readers, here is a list of some important features to know, before the time comes to hire mobile app developers.


Top Features of Courier Delivery App

On-demand courier delivery services are too popular and there are many more competitors in the market. While launching the app, you need to take care of, what competitors are offering. Never copy your competitor, but it is also essential to find out the best possible you can integrate. Here is the list of some unavoidable features for your app:


Customer-Friendly UI/UX Design

An engaging app demands less marketing effort. The first impression is built by engaging design and then comes the usability of the app. Here, smooth navigation and comprehensible flow work well. Also, make sure to solve all glitches and offer something exciting for the app.


24/7 Courier Tracking

Courier delivery app developers work over making the app usable and perfect for real-time checks. But you need to make sure the service availability for 24 hours and 7 days. A product being delivered is managed by some product ID, SKU unit number or some barcode. Using such detail or courier delivery ID, users can search the app for the service delivery.  Timely notification updates customers with parcel detail and customer can check the real-time location too for the delivery vehicle.


Quick Delivery

Every user keeps waiting for the product. Even after sharing the predicted time, it is human tendency to wait for the item and love to see the product coming early. On the opposite side, customers get annoyed with the little late in delivery. Always share increased delivery time and you can also offer faster delivery on some premium charge.  Local delivery tasks are though easy for such plans and same-day delivery, but for interstate transportation, it is good to share increased time.


Offline Availability

A good network is not available everywhere.  In some areas, there is a low network, there your app must work with the Wi-Fi and stay updated.

Flexible Payment 

Not every customer uses the same payment gateway. Your app may need different payment channels. You must provide enough payment options along with some latest mobile wallets. Also, the app needs to receive the receipt for details of the order, product description and relevant information.


Asset Handling

A Mobile app development company brings the best out of technology for your app. But the ground-level service is the responsibility of staff and workers. On-demand parcel delivery app development is way beyond managing data. Ensure the customers with safe delivery and no tampering of product.


Customer Communication

Customer needs to communicate with the delivery services. If any customer is anxious about the delivery time, or he wants to change the delivery address, or for whatever reason, he wants to communicate with the delivery services, the communication details must be there. Users may get help from the chatbot and get revert calls from customer care.



On-demand courier delivery app is the most common work for aggregators. Almost every product-based industry demands a trusted courier delivery service partner. Logistic app development is more in trend and pace nowadays. Above, we have discussed the modes of businesses, where you can find anyone of yours and can get the best possible fully-featured app for your business. Keep in mind to find a good business IT partner to collaborate with, who can give a cost-effective solution for the long term. 

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