Fake Painted Brick On White Fireplace

Fake Painted Brick On White Fireplace
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

This is the first of five parts to our living room renovation:

1. An incorrect brick fireplace was painted on a white brick fireplace that had previously been painted.
2. Light up a room in 5 steps
3. Preparing to Install Antique Heart Pine Flooring
4. Decorate your home wall with decorative graphics
5. Installing heart pine flooring and the final reveal

I know that there is a recent trend to paint chimney stones white, especially if the stone is an ugly bright red or other ugly colors. I'm pretty sure this is why the fireplace was painted. But the fact is that the fireplace, the fireplace, and the bookshelves on both sides of the fireplace are all white, which produces a lot of white on the walls. I considered wearing a robe, but it didn't take long. I want the warmth and contrast of the bricks to accentuate all the white fireplaces in our living room.

I found several websites painted with bricks here and here."If anyone else can do it, I have a 95% chance!" I reasoned" I'm not sure what will happen, but in the end, I was surprised at how easy it looks and how easy it is to operate! When I cheated on our housebuilder, the real test came (he lived on our streets for more than 30 years). This is a relatively simple project that takes several hours to complete, but it can be done piecemeal.


Materials needed:

● Cleaning brush for TSP cleaner
● Throw away your clothes
● Newspaper tape for painting
● Paint roller and tray
● 2-inch bristle brush
● Car wash sponge or large sponge, 6 inches x 3 inches
● water 7 paper trays
● cleaning cloth
● acrylic paint

Before performing any operation, please purchase a TSP cleaner from the hardware store and follow the brick cleaning instructions. Remember, if the stones are clean and dry, you might like their color! If you still hate colors.
After working with test boards with different color combinations, I decided to choose a warm brick brown. Before applying the mortar to the chimney, I also changed the color of the mortar. I covered my coat and shelf with newspaper. Floor fabrics. I mixed the mortar paint in a small container. I used another grey-brown satin latex paint and attached some black and some dark brown to get the fitting grout color.

This cozy cement gray to see my color:

I used a 2-inch paintbrush to paint all areas of the mortar between the bricks. When the mortar paint dries, I mix a bucket of base paint on the bricks. Then he poured it into the paint tray. Then, I set up seven paper plates and covered the first paper plate with chocolate paint.
Then he poured half of the money in the following colors on other plates. I used a paint roller to roll the base paint into the small 3" x 3" area of the fireplace. If the varnish does not enter all the grooves, don't worry. The white color makes my bricks look old and rustic

While the base paint is still damp, I paint the sponge brown, then dip the sponge into one or two brick-colored stains, then wash one brick at a time, and regularly use the same-colored stains on the wall. Different and random brick colors make them look realistic! When I need to fill the sponge with paint, I first start with maroon and then add some new color spots on the sponge. The printing plate when the color disappears.

I have been working on small plots so that I can work while the primer is still wet. If the bricks dry too quickly, use a spray bottle to lightly moisten them. Color, I can try another shadow. Note how I randomly scattered the darker brownstones. This is the key to a realistic appearance. At home, I had to press more carefully with a sponge because the grout line in our house was almost flush with the bricks. I held a damp cloth nearby and washed away the peeling paint from the bricks.

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