Exterior Design and Renovation Ideas: Trends You'll Fall in Love with


From time to time, every home needs some renovations of the exterior or maybe a change of overall design. Even though this sounds like something tiring and expensive, the truth is that some things you can do on your own, as a DIY project.

Alternatively, if you change just a few small details, it can affect the complete exterior design of the house. Of course, some renovations come with certain seasons, most notably during the spring and summer when the weather is most favourable for construction works.  

Therefore, if you are thinking about renovating your exterior and refreshing the design, here are some trendy suggestions and ideas you’ll fall in love with.

Stone façade

If you plan to change the façade, ad a pathway, or do something about the curb appeal, choose natural materials like stone, pebbles, or rock. This type of renovation will completely change the appearance of your home, giving it a sophisticated look. Using stone bricks to create an organic and, even rustic, look will be a big investment, but certainly, the one that will pay off in the long run.  

This type of façade is easy to maintain and will provide great insulation for the house during summer and winter. If you extend the stone details all the way to the porch and down the walkway, you will create a harmonious connection to the house.   

Connect the porch to the house

It’s all about losing the clear borders between the interior and exterior, and you can do this without any big trouble. Moreover, it may require a few potted plants and a new seating set for the porch. But if you choose some bigger renovations, make it a DIY project.

Repaint the porch in a new colour to give it a fresher look. If you have a wooden porch then you should also use a protective coating and change the colour of the wood to fit the one inside your home. Create a bigger opening and add a new door, preferably the glass retractable ones that will allow this connection even during the winter.

Use your backyard

Having a backyard can often be neglected but luckily, it won’t take much to put it into shape. First, clean everything up and remove the old withered plants. If you want to create a garden, designate one area where you will prepare the soil and plant seedlings since they’re easier to grow than seeds.

Plant the grass all around the yard and water it regularly. In time, it will grow and you will enjoy a great green lawn by the end of spring. To make a pathway, use gravel since it will make it easier later to change the overall design. You can even build your own fire pit and BBQ area to have fun with friends and family. Add retractable roof awnings for the patio so you can use the area all year round, even during the winter.

Join your exterior to the house

Summer is the perfect time to use the area outside your house and turn it into an additional space for parties. BBQ and seating set is something which most of the homes already have, but exterior theatre, Zen garden or fountain are a matter of taste.

Of all three, outside home theatre is easy and perfect to create on your own. Besides the technical elements which you can buy in the store, the rest you can build by yourself. All you will need are thin board for the frame and white canvas for the screen. You can easily install it and remove it from the yard during bad weather. Instead of chairs, use blankets and turn everything into an evening picnic with a movie.

Change your entrance doors

Sometimes doing something as simple as changing, the entrance doors can give your home a complete makeover. Especially if you use some less ordinary solutions like colours different than expected. For example, green or red doors would look great on the wooden construction surrounded by trees. On the other hand, dark mahogany doors will give your home elegance and luxurious appeal.

Doors with tainted glass will give a more elegant visual experience and you can even choose the ones with ornamental details. The ones with the knocker are traditional and conventional choices, especially if you decide on the brass solutions which are classic. Iron ornamental bars on the doors are another wonderful way to add to their look without spending too much.


From easier solutions like painting the façade to some more demanding renovations, the new and improved house will certainly make your life better. After a while, every house needs a makeover but if you do it little by little, you won’t spend a lot of money and time at once.

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